Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fanfiction/Cover Art Contest!

Would you like to realize your dream of being a published author or cover artist in 2013? Or do you just want to scream to the world how much you love the Road to Hell series? Maybe you want to re-write a Road to Hell series scene the way you wished it would have gone? Or you'd like to write the ending to the series as you'd love to see it happen?

Whatever your motivation, here's your chance!

I'm holding a fan fiction contest! Yes, that’s right, I’m encouraging you to write my characters...use any of them. Write a story, spin-off, a spoof, re-write a scene from one of the published books or write your own ending to the love triangle...or whatever else your imagination can conjure! Just one rule, you must use at least ONE of the Road to Hell series characters. The top ten stories will be published in a fan fiction anthology (if that many submit)!! There is no word count or page limit. 

If writing isn’t your thing, create a cover image for this anthology and a winner will be picked from those submissions!

This book will be 100% fan created! Contest starts today with a deadline of midnight CST on December 16th!

Any writing style is accepted. From sweet, scary and even erotic in nature. Once the winners are picked, I'll format the book and upload it as a free ebook on Smashwords and anywhere else it can be posted for free. I will provide the authors and cover artist with a copy of the ebook in all formats.

Don’t get tied up in knots about the contest. Have fun with the story and the artwork! I’m not looking for polished, NY ready publications, but good stories that capture the essence of my characters. To any of those picked for the publication, I’ll offer an edit of their story, but only if you want me to and you will, of course, have the final say on any suggested corrections/changes. Cover artists, have fun and just try to reflect the Road to Hell's darkness.

Drag your typewriter out of the attic, dust it off and get busy drafting your Road to Hell series fan fiction. Or grab a pen and pad and let your imagination take hold. Or do like I do, I compile my necessary writing goodies together—Dom, coffee and laptop are my staples—and get to writing! I’m excited to see the submissions!!
Cover artists and writers, if you have any questions, please let me know either through the comment section below or via email at!

All submissions should be submitted to me at with FANFICTION/COVER ART CONTEST in the subject line, so I don’t delete it thinking it’s spam! You may email me your submission prior to the deadline. And you may submit more than one story and/or cover art.

Note: All cover art must abide by the U.S. copyright laws. Anything that violates copyright will automatically be disqualified from the contest. By entering this contest you agree you understand and are abiding by U.S. copyright laws. That means if you decide to use photostock images, you must purchase them, OR you can capture your own photos and use them OR use something you've drawn. Likewise, the story you submit must be your own work and not violate any copyright.



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