Friday, October 26, 2012

Coffin Hop ~ Episode 3

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May I have a show of hands how many have participated in an Ouija séance? I have. I was sixteen and my best friend, Angie, and I decided to try out her new Ouija board (or Witchboard). It was a novelty and neither of us really thought it would work. 

We put our hands on the plastic locater, what I’ve heard called a planchette, although the spelling may be completely off. I think our first question was, “Is anyone here with us?” It began to move slowly at first, almost dragging to the word “yes”. We both yanked our hands off the planchette and asked if the other had forcibly moved it. We both denied manipulating the board. 

We had two spirits we ultimately came to chat with. Drake claimed to be a servant of God and professed to love us. The other one named Jason admitted to being an axe murderer. (Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.) Jason wanted us to die and sometimes he would spell the word “d-i-e” over and over again until we ditched the Witchboard—aka Quija board for those who’ve never heard this term—all together to shut him up. All he ever spewed was evil and filth. He had a son named Nate. We finally had to have a secret code with Drake to make sure we had the so-called good spirit instead of the evil spirit.

I became obsessed with the Ouija board. Always thinking of it and the spirits we chatted with. I even dreamed about using it alone and more than once woke up with the Board out of its box and on my bed.

My cousin, Shawna, came for a visit and she was a few years younger than me. I was determined to introduce her to the Witchboard and its fascination. The first night we got on the board, Shawna yanked her fingers off after a few minutes and said the planchette burned her fingers. Convince she was being overly dramatic, I begged her to get back on. My motives were selfish. I wanted to chat with my spirit friend!

Hesitant, she made it obvious she had no desire to get back on the board. But I needed to be on that board. It was driving me crazy not being able to talk to Drake. She finally relented. The board burned her again. But this time, she acted really weird. I SWEAR her eyes darkened and her voice deepened, grew scratchy. It freaked me out, but not as much as her grabbing a teddy bear and singing a lullaby to it—“Hush little baby, don’t say a word…”—while she petted it. 


When I asked her why she sang to the teddy bear, she gave me an evil glare and said she sang to her son. I explained it was just a teddy bear, but she insisted it was her son. I gave up because she spooked me bad. I talked her into going to bed, but she refused to give up her “son”. The next morning, she remembered none of it, other than the burned fingers.

I still couldn’t leave it alone. Did I mention I was obsessed with the Ouija board? 

I dragged Shawna to Angie’s house, detailed what happened and we talked her back on the board. More of the same happened, but this time, the planchette flew across the room. As I picked it up, Shawna cackled and her foot bounced up and down, shaking the bed. She caught sight of a teddy bear Angie slept with. Shawna clutched it to her chest, hugging it as she began to sing the same lullaby from the night before. The very presence in the room grew dark and ominous. Angie asked about the teddy bear and Shawna explained it was her son, Nate. 

Oh…my…God! We had not told her Jason had a son, much less given her his name. 

When Shawna became herself again, she flopped onto the bed and started crying. All she could remember from the event was being in a black void, with a pinpoint of white light that she kept struggling to get to. 

As an adult, I question the validity of everything that happened those two days. The event scared Angie and I so much, we stopped using the Ouija. One thing that lingers in my head still to this day, if Shawna became possessed—even temporarily—by Jason, then I slept beside a professed axe murderer that first night. Yikes!

I haven’t showcased a Quija board in my Road to Hell series, but I deal with a lot of unsavory characters…the King of Hell for starters, Mimickers, demons, Crows that offer prophecies of the future, and a succubus to name just a few. Just recently I started writing a dark erotica short story and the heroine inadvertently opens a doorway to Hell with a Ouija board.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences!


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Amanda W. said...

Ouija boards scare the crap out of me! I know I wouldn't have had the nerve you did as a kid, and after hearing about your experiences I am glad that I didn't.

Jolie du Pre said...

I can tell you, without hesitation, that you will NEVER find a Ouija board in my house. That's just asking for trouble. LOL! My mother wouldn't allow us to play with them when I was young, but that was fine, because I didn't want to play with one anyway. Those things scare the sh*t out of me, and I've heard and read WAY TOO MANY stories about them. No thanks!

Jolie du Pre
Precious Monsters

Candace said...

My mom got one when I was 8 or 9, it told me I would have 3 boys - but I had 3 girls lol My mom tore it up when it talked to her that was the last time I played with one.

Michelle said...

Ouija boards can work as doorways if the person using them are open to spirits etc.. I knew someone when I was younger that used them as a tool to help her focus since she was a medium or claimed to be (saw and heard some pretty convencing things when around her so I tend to believe her) and wanted to learn how to control her encounters. michelle31071 (at) suddenlink (dot) net.

Gracen Miller said...

Amanda and Jolie, smart on both of your parts. This definitely scared the crap out of me! I've not been back on one since.

Candace, it told us lies, too. Ultimately, I think the spirit just enjoyed toying with us and keeping us coming back.

Michelle, I'm not a medium--not by any stretch--but my girlfriend and I both have had ghostly experiences. Me more than her. I think that's why it worked so well with us.

Good luck to all of ya!


Julianne Snow said...

Ouija Boards scare the beJesus out of me... Only once was I around when one was being used and all it predicted was the death of the owner of the board. True story - he died about 10 years later in the same manner that it said he would die. Creepy!!

Great post though!


Katie said...
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wilwaren said...

why, oh why do i read these post in the middle of the night... you probably gave me nightmares, but is guess that's the point! :)

Katie said...

I don't like Ouija boards, they scare the crap out of me and i never used one or seen one but i know what they do

Chrissy12583 said...

When I was a teen my friends & I always had the board around & candles lite. 1 night we sat around a friends table and decided to have a séance. He was trying to get through to his uncle who passed. All of a sudden the candles went out, the chimes that were hanging in the apt started chiming and all you see is my friend pushing away from the table and running out the door. It was so funny. He was scared out of his pants. We never laughed so hard in our life at the way he ran. All you saw were the white's of his eyes. That is how we would spend our wkkds pretty much. Using the board and have séance's. I do not let my kids use one. They have in the past and got really terrified. My 1 son has visitors to his room occasionally as it is. My daughter was def reincarnated, she wold tell us about her other parents from the time she started talking to I don't even remember when she stopped truthfully. But she did.

Anonymous said...

I used to love Ouija boards, until I realized the portal aspect that believers can bestow upon them.

There hasn't been one in my house since those little blue orbs...

Bakerette said...

I have not ever used an Ouija board.

Diana said...

I've never seen up close an Ouija seanki, only in movies. I am not a person who scares easily, but the ghosts really scares me. Do not know why maybe because I believe that perhaps there are real. Sometime the unknown is more scary.

Donna Creech-Deaton said...

I don't think I would ever use a Ouija board or any form of summoning type of thing.. They scare me. Aside from the whole "opening a portal that I have no idea how to close" thing... Well, nope. That's enough reason for me not to play with them. LOL!