Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coffin Hop ~ Episode 7

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Random incidences with ghosts….

Bridgette’s mother:
My girlfriend, Bridgette’s mother passed away a couple of years ago. I agreed to help her go through a humongous box of documents in search her mother’s life insurance policy. We spent a couple of hours going through the box, but the life insurance policy was nowhere to be located. We decided to take a break and go eat lunch. Bridgette has a short flight of stairs leading into and out of her house, like 2-3 steps max. What I’d call a stoop, more than a porch. I always watch my footing when I go down them because I’m not only a klutz on stairs, but she doesn’t have a handrail.

When we returned from lunch, the welcome mat on her stoop had a piece torn off it in the shape of a cross. It hadn’t been there when we left. I snatched it up and told her that was a message from her mom. Upon entering her house, the insurance documents were on her table. If that’s not the power of a loved one protecting her from the other side, what could it have been?

About a year ago, her mother was driving me nutty. I’m not the type of person who’ll pick up the phone and say a spirit is driving me crazy to give you a message. But her mother wouldn’t leave me alone until I did just that. When I called, is said something like, “You can think I’m crazy if you like, but your mom won’t leave me alone and I have to give you this message. I don’t know what it means, but she wants you to know she’s with you.”

Bridgette knew immediately what it meant. It was her son’s 15th birthday. Yeah, I should’ve known that, but I think her mother had me so frazzled that I wasn’t thinking clearly.

Another time Bridgette called and said she thought her mother had been with her and she wanted to know if I knew anything. I told her I’d ask the spirit world. The message I received was that it was her mother and that she’d known Bridgette needed her, so she was there to comfort her. Unknowingly to me, she’d been going through some difficult issues with her son’s friend’s parents.

Unknown Smoker

Last year, I told my mother I kept smelling cigarette smoke. No one in my house smokes, so this bothered me because I worried there was an electrical short in the walls we couldn’t see. This went on for months. My husband never smelled it, not even when it was prominent to me. I felt like there might be a presence responsible for it, but when I’d ask who it was and what they wanted, I got nothing. Then my mother, who lives 3 hours away, came for a visit during Christmas. A day or so into her visit, she asked me if I was burning a candle or if something else was burning. I got excited because someone other than me smelled the smoke! At that moment, I told her the message was for her, not for me. She wouldn’t tell me who she thought it was and refuses to talk about who she thinks it might’ve been, but the visitor hasn’t returned and I no longer worry there is an electrical fire brewing in my walls.

Former Client:
When I worked in the paralegal world, I had a client that was about 20 years older than me and I adored him. He was a sweet, gentle man, someone we’d call an old soul. He’d lost his arm while working on the railroad. We’d handled his worker’s compensation case. About a year after his case was settled, he was in a car wreck and passed away, leaving a huge settlement to his family. Recently, he came to me and spent a good amount of time just standing on my back porch. I asked him if there was something he wanted, a message he needed to give his family, maybe? Not that I knew how to get in touch with them after all these years. His reply… “He just wanted someone to remember him because his family had forgotten about even though they enjoyed his money.”

Nightly Visitors:
I receive the occasional nightly visitor that’ll wake me from a dead sleep. One was of a young black girl in her twenties. She was beautiful and she wanted me to give her family a message about her murder. That one was disturbing. I couldn’t understand her. For some reason her words were garbled and unintelligible. The more I said, “I can’t understand you,” the more agitated she became, the faster she talked. I finally had to send her out of my home. The look she gave me, like I assisted with her murder…I’ll never forget it. That one will haunt me for a long time to come with questions. Could I have helped bring peace to her family? I’ll never know.

Other nightly visitors are evil, brooding and wake me just to frighten me. I get this sense that they cannot touch me—why I believe this I don’t know—and that they cannot touch me irritates them. I sometimes, also, get the feeling that sometimes they’re waiting for that one slip up on my part, to invade any weakness I may show and wreak havoc on my life. These visitors won’t leave when I tell them to depart. Doesn’t matter how much I command it, but shielding myself in the ‘white protective light’ seems to always help soothe me and anger them more. Thankfully they don’t come often.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my spooky experiences and I hope you’ll join me for tomorrow’s final episode of Haunted Gracen on the Coffin Hop.


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Gina said...

Wow. I admire you for living so close to the paranormal side and still retain your sanity. And even more, for helping others. Just wow! I'd hide under the bed and rock myself to sleep. Scary stuff you've experienced! Happy hop and Halloween

Amanda W. said...

I do not envy you your experiences. Although it would be nice to be visited by those who have passed from my life, I wouldn't like the visitors that I would not welcome.

Diana said...

I really enjoy your spooky posts. But me neither I envy your experiences. I can't even imagine how could be to have that kind of experiences. The sure is that you really have a full life.

wilwaren said...

gosh, your life is something... it was nice to read your stories!

Donna Creech-Deaton said...

Wow... on one hand it's good to know that someone has had scarier experiences than I have... But it makes me sad that it has to be you! I have literally been shaken awake in the middle of the night by something that no one else could feel and I couldn't even see, even though I knew it was there... So I know how scary it can be.. *hugs* You really ARE the bravest!

Michelle said...

Have found all your experiences fascinating. I'm addicted to the paranormal so always love hearing others stories.