Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coffin Hop ~ Episode 4

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I guess after my experiences with ghosts it should come as no shock that my eldest son—B is his nickname—also has the gift. But I was unprepared when he began to see people that weren’t there.

He was 2 ½ when it started. We had just recently moved into a rental house until we could transition into a permanent residence. From the moment we moved in I knew there was a dark presence in the home. I constantly saw a man out of the corner of my eye, heard footsteps going down the hall when no one was there, or got that creepy sensation that someone was glaring at me. Not ‘staring’, but ‘glaring’. Whatever was there, wanted us gone. I felt his animosity strongly. But it was a temporary place to stay, so I thought things would be okay until we moved on. I didn’t tell my family because my husband doesn’t believe in ghosts, would’ve chalked it up to my imagination. And my son was too young.

Then my son—B—started seeing a male presence. Every night this male entity appeared to him. In the middle of playing with his Legos, Matchbox cars or watching TV, he’d stop everything he was doing, and say, “Hey! Get out of our house, man!” That happened every evening for about a week. Then B became very sick, was given lots of meds and we were going back and forth to the doctor for the next couple of weeks. Nothing helped. Not the breathing treatments, not the humidifier and not the medicine. He still sounded like he was trying to hack up a lung and was running temperatures randomly. And he was always worse at night when we were home and on weekends.

One evening B fell out of his bed just after two in the morning. I heard him hit the floor and he was crying before I could get out of my bed to go after him. When I picked him up off the floor, he was shaking all over. I climbed into bed with him and hugged him. Telling him that he was safe and I was there. I wasn’t going anywhere.

Through his cries, he was whimpering over and over, “The man. The man.” Once I got him quieted down, he was able to explain that ‘the man’ had pushed him out of bed.

As I lay beside my terrified child, I could feel the presence of the ghost. His smirk, as if to brag he pushed a defenseless little boy out of his bed. I was furious! And all I could hear in my head was, “Go! Get out of my house!”

I’m pretty mild-mannered until you mess with my children. Into the dark I whispered that if he ever touched my child again, he’d regret it. I have no idea what I would’ve done, but I was furious. In the same whisper, I promised him we were gone as soon as we could find a house to buy and that we didn’t want to be there any more than he wanted us there.

Not willing to leave him alone for fear the dark man would terrify him further, I snuggled him safely in my arms the remainder of the night. The ghost left us alone from there on out. Maybe because he knew I wanted to be gone as much as he wanted us gone. Or maybe he’d thought we were permanent residents and knowing that we weren’t satisfied him. My son didn’t see him not once after that. He didn’t fall out of the bed again and he got well quickly. The doctor couldn’t explain why he improved so fast. But I knew…I knew!

Odd that I’m more comfortable bringing to life monsters and demons in my books rather than ghosts. Maybe because they’re too real and that creepy factor is never far away…and how could I explain the terror one can bring without delving into my own experiences? Those are events I never want to bring to life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences!


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laurie said...

the books look really awesome. i haven't read any of those yet but i have added them to my TBR list

Amanda W. said...

"The Man" are two words I do not like. Hearing your story makes me wonder... When my son was about 3 he woke (we thought) from a sound sleep on the couch screaming about the man in the window. We were 3 stories up! He was so terrified and holding onto me so tightly around my neck that I had bruises for a week! It never happened again, but we couldn't get him to sleep alone for about 3 years after this incident.

the happy horror writer said...

Gracen, hi! My family lived in a haunted house for three years while I was in high school. I know what it feels like to live with something around you that does not want you in your own home. It was brave of you to stand up to the ghost, and I'm sure you were relieved to move!

Happy Coffin Hopping,


wilwaren said...

they say children often see things the adults don't but they grow out of it. sometimes i wonder what my children see when they claim they saw a ghost... great post again!

Diana said...

Honestly I don't know what to say in this post. I agree with wilwaren, the children can see things where adults can not see.

Michelle said...

My youngest daughter used to have full conversations with someone she called ghosty in an old house we lived in. We also had things happen in the house like TVs coming on and lights going off etc..

Donna Creech-Deaton said...

I don't know what is true or what isn't... I'm sure that just like anything else everyone has a different opinion. But I have always been taught that "ghosts" are remnants, spirits, and are incapable of actual physical harm... That if it can touch you and/or literally manipulate your emotions (like you feel waves of an emotion emanating off of it) that it's demonic. That's what I believe, anyways. Creepy stuffs.