Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coffin Hop ~ Episode 5

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Had I thought the ghost in the rental house was a one-time occurrence for my son? I might’ve hoped, but when we moved within a year strange things were happening. Lights on where we’d have sworn we turned them off. Items missing. Creepy feelings in certain rooms of the house, but not all of them. And the dreams…my God the dreams were vivid and frightening.

I dreamed my husband had a car accident and Jesus was holding him while I called 911. Another dream, Satan came to me in my bedroom. Lucifer was a woman with black hair, black eyes, wearing nothing but black. She laughed and laughed at me, saying the world was going to hell just the way she envisioned.

Then my son, B, would stand at the kitchen window and ask if I saw the people staring at him outside. I never did see them. Sometimes he’d ask if the ‘white man and black man’ could come inside and play with him. I always said no. Sometimes he’d play in the yard, dig a hole and say he and Jesus were planting flowers. Other times he just “talked” to Jesus or Jacob Trent, who was his imaginary friend. Personally, I don’t think he was all that imaginary.

Other times my son would beg us not to make him go to bed because of the guy in his room with green hair and red eyes. He wasn’t just scared of ‘the man’, but terrified of him. He’d sob and plead with us not to make him go to bed with ‘the man’. We moved his bedroom to what we called the “guest room” down the hall and things got better for a short period of time. Then they started right back up again.

Within 3-4 months of the green-haired red-eyed man making an appearance, B began having grand mal seizures. No idea if the two were related. But I can tell you this…I always felt like there was a battle between good and evil going on in that home. Like the attacks coming at us were of a demonic nature. I’m not an overly religious person even though I have a Baptist preacher as a dad and a grandmother who is a very upstanding and devout Christian woman. But the only way I was able to get ‘the man’ to stop visiting my son was to take him to church. I even prayed with B at night, and he always asked God to protect him from ‘the man’. Nothing will humble you like your child praying for protection from something you cannot see. And that is the same basis for my Road to Hell series, a mother who is struggling with trying to protect her son from a supernatural interference she doesn’t understand.

I’m not sure what was in that home, but that whole area gave off bad vibes. First the rental home experience that I mentioned yesterday, and then this going on. The two residences were less than 20 minutes apart.

We’ve been gone from that area for 9 years, this time a 2-hour move away from the homes mentioned above and yesterday. But the differences between those homes and here are staggering. Yeah, we’ve had ghostly interactions, but nothing of a hostile nature. It’s refreshing! And B stopped having seizures altogether and was taken off his medication. Were the two related? Again, I can’t say, but the coincidences are frightening. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences!


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wilwaren said...

i have a cousin as a priest. i never thought about spirits too much, but there was a period in our lives with curious bad luck and he said we should cleanse our house of hostile appareances, because the two could be related... and this came from a priest... now, that scared me.

Diana said...

As I said in my previous comments, I have no experience with ghosts either I have dealt with such issues. But your posts got me thinking.

Michelle said...

some areas are full of negativity and some are the exact opposite and children sensitive to those influences will be hit the hardest with them. Thankfully all of our encounters have been a benign influence.

Amanda W. said...

All I can say, is if the seizures and the spiritual visitors were in any way connected thankfully you were able to move away, and glad that there was no permanent damage caused.

Donna Creech-Deaton said...

I think I told my story in the Brigade once, but I don't know... but I totally believe the kind of things you're talking about... I live on a piece of land that my great-aunt owns, and there are 5 houses on it, 4 of which have had to be blessed. I am a magnet for mean spirit/demonic crap. I hate it. I can't imagine being a child going through that... I am so sorry your son had to.