Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coffin Hop ~ Episode 2

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Haunted houses and ghosts—I prefer to call them spirits rather than ghosts.

We all can relate to the idea because many of us have grown up with stories of haunted houses, college dormitories and other areas. The city I grew up in had a local legend about a bridge. If one went to it at night, the ghosts of those that had driven off the bridge would haunt the place. Personally, I went necking down there with my boyfriend and I didn’t see anything. Nope, nothing! So much for a legend, huh? Or maybe I was too consumed with kissing the boyfriend to notice any ghosts had they been haunting the place. =)

A “haunted” experience I had with a girlfriend of mine. I’ll call her Nicole. She bought a home with her husband and it is a beautiful piece of property, twenty-five acres, with an older fixer-up home. The home was so old it had a well built on the corner of the front porch. It was cool, a neat little piece of history with a view of the way things once were done. I can’t even imagine having to draw my water out of it just to meet the basic necessary needs. But after having kids I see the danger in it, too. The place had oodles of potential and best of all it was away from the big city. It was so quiet and peaceful. God’s country as us Southerners would call it.

After my first visit there, I told my husband the place had a ghost. Everywhere I went, I felt like someone watched me. There was no hostility, but more like a sense of curiosity. The only time I could truly get away from feeling like someone watched us was when we would ride the four-wheelers across the back part of the property and deep into the woods. 

When I attended a Halloween party a couple of months later, Nicole told me then that she’d purchased the home from an Estate after the previous owner, an elderly woman, had passed away in it. It was my light-bulb-V8-moment when I knew the identity of those hidden eyes. Another weekend I was there goofing off with Nicole and her mother, Jill, when Jill started talking about her conversations with the spirit of the woman who once owned the house! I got chills!! To have someone else confirm the presence of the spirit was exciting because until then, I’d never met anyone who openly talked about the ability to see ghosts. I went home that night and told my husband, “I told you so!” His reply was that I wasn’t the only crazy person in the world. ;-)

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wilwaren said...

I for one have never interfered a ghost in my life, but I'm particularly scared of ghost houses. they give me chills... Nice post, looking out for more!

Amanda W. said...

It's okay Gracen we like your kind of crazy around here!

leann said...

I love anything having to do with the paranormal from spirits, ghosts, vamps, weres, fae, etc. Who knows whether or not they're really real or not. They make good fantasies!! Leann

Michelle said...

I want, I want, I want, lol. But Rafflecopter on episode 1 won't let me enter just shows the box and says loading and if there is a rafflecopter on this episode I can't even see it, Boo Hoo, lol. The books sound great Gracen and I can't wait to read them. michelle31071 (at) suddenlink (dot) net

Julianne Snow said...

I believe in ghosts but prefer to avoid them if at all possible...

Great post Gracen!


Katie said...

I never had that happen to me, but my sister experience a ghost one time, my aunt who use to live in Ashville North Carolina she went to this church that is huge and big and my sister was on one of the stairs because there where three levels in the church and she turn around and there was a little boy looking at her and she ran and there wasn't any little boys in the church at the time

Diana said...

I have no experience with ghosts either I have grown up with stories about haunted houses, but the idea really freaks me out.