Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winners of Hellish Poem Contest

The Hellish poem contest can be found HERE. I had over 20 poems submitted for this contest. Many of them damn good. However, many did not relate to the story line as well as I'd hoped. Thanks to ALL of you for participating in this contest. Y'all are a very talented group of folks!

There were 3 poems that really hit the nail on the head with Genesis Queen's story line. So I have decided to use ALL 3 of those poems in various ways in the book. The winning poets are:

Mindy fangedmom--her poem will be used as lyrics in the book.

Shelley Bunnell

Kathryn Grimes

Congrats, ladies!



BellaBunnell said...

OMG! I am so thrilled! Wow! That doesn't even cover it! I am beyond thrilled and so excited for my sisters too! See Kathryn? I told you yours was good! Congrats to Saucy (Kathryn) and Sassy (Mindy)! Thanks so much, Momma Hellhound! Waaaahooooo! <3

Mindy fangedmom said...

This is INCREDIBLE for real! I cant wait to see everyones poems. A FREAKING cool is that? I wrote song lyrics!!! And wait till you see the name of the band :) THANK YOU GRACEN and congrats everyone!!