Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hellish Poem Winners

Here are the winning poems from the Hellish Poem entries...if you didn't win, it wasn't because your poem wasn't awesome. There were many fantastic poems, but I was looking for something that fit the story line. Some didn't come even close to connecting with the story, but would've made great general hell poems.

Winner One

In the light, you see in me
All that I should be

In the dark, you cannot see
What I really want to be

by Mindy "fangedmom" Janicke
(Note: Will be used as lyrics in the story.
Mindy named the band Devideus.)

Winner Two
Genesis Queen

The Key to destiny
Lies within Prophecy
Foretelling of death
Through betrayal, deceit, and mutiny

Strength comes from a mistrusted King
Sacrifices made, bloodshed, and battles ring
Souls tortured
Hope fleeting

In the midst of War
A Queen will rise to the bar
Life begins with love
Igniting like a newly born star

By Kathryn Grimes ~ TSK TSK What to Read

Winner Three 
Ode to Beliel
An Angel fallen 
Wings of blue 
A tortured soul 
Torn in two

His search is ended 
A heart is stolen 
An empty space 
Now is swollen

Bound to Earth 
A plan in place 
He seeks redemption 
For Heaven's grace

She's everything he 
Hoped she'd be 
Visions again of
The Royal We

But things are rarely 
As they appear 
Is there someone else 
That he should fear

A delicate balance where 
Trust must hinge 
When veins run 
Red for revenge

A Queen will rise 
A house will fall 
He contemplates 
He makes his call

His need pushed to 
The back of his head 
One misstep 
They'll all be dead

By Shelley Bunnell


Nely Cab said...

They're all wonderful!! You go girls! *fist pump*

Gracen Miller said...

Your entry is awesome, Nely. Fantastic poem I hated leaving out of the running. It just didn't fit my story line. Maybe I should've had honorable mentions.


Mindy fangedmom said...

HI FIVES Everyone!

how cool is this? Love all my hellhound sisters!