Friday, March 30, 2012

Hell's Phoenix Deleted Scene

Petra has become a staple in the Road to Hell series and I've been told several times how much she's loved by readers. She's always getting along cozily with everyone, but here's a scene that showcases sometimes Madison's step-daughter rankles her nerves. I took the scene out because the book was already too long and it wasn't necessary for the story line. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This scene is unedited and was removed from the book prior to submitting Hell's Phoenix to my publisher, Decadent Publishing.

A visual of how I see Petra

Madison stared at her demon step-daughter and counted to ten. Twice. It didn’t help. She slid the knife Nix had given her for her thirtieth birthday out of its holster, adjusted the hilt lightly between her fingers and thumb and threw it when Petra looked away. As always her accuracy was spot-on and the blade whacked into Petra’s chest directly over her black heart.
Petra gasped. The wound wouldn’t kill her, but Madison  knew it stung like a son-of-a-bitch.
She’d heard somewhere once that stabbings were emotional attacks. Emotional fit her present mood. The demonic bitch knew she wouldn’t be coming back from Hell. If anyone was going to get fucked, it’d be her by her demon ex. So, Petra’s comment could be construed as nothing but a sly goad. And her son was present in the room while Petra talked so casually about them fucking. Unacceptable!
“Momma!” Amos squealed as she stepped over the coffee table where their chess set was spread out.
“Ouch,” Alessa remarked. “Bet that hurts.”
“Another game, Amos,” Zen asked, tone unmoved.
Amos spoke to her instead of Zen. “You can’t go around stabbing people, Momma. It’s not okay. Not even when you’re mad at them.”
“She’s been out of society too long,” Zen remarked.
Blood coated Petra’s hands and her grip slipped when she tried to pull the weapon from her chest.
“She’s not a person, sweetie.” Madison knocked Petra’s hand aside, wrapped her fingers around the hilt and leaned toward the other woman.
“Ichnay,” she whispered just to torment her step-daughter and like a good little demon she went limp, obeying the command to submit to her queen. The knife made a squishy sucking sound as Madison pulled it out of Petra’s chest. “Don’t fuck with me, Petra.” Petra grimaced from the scrape of metal snagging along a rib on the exit out. “My mood deteriorated four months ago when your daddy dragged Nix to Hell.” Madison cleaned the black blood off the dagger on the demon’s clothes. “Use some social skills. My son is in the room while you’re discussing intimate acts.”
“He knows what sex is,” Petra rasped.
“Of course he does because I talked to him about it, but—” she slipped into telepathy—talking about me fucking Nix in front of Amos isn’t acceptable. Do it again and you’ll become intimate friends with my blade. Got it.
The demon nodded quickly, and kept her voice low, “Understood.”

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Autumn said...

DANG! I can not believe that was left out. But that was an awesome little read. Madison got crunk! Thanks so much for letting us read it. You are an awesome author.

andie said...

Like my best friend, Alessa said, OUCH! You deserved it Petra, but don't worry girl, I still like you!

Kristina's Books & More said...

Excellent deleted scene! Mads is such a badass!

Kristina's Books & More said...
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Gracen Miller said...

LOL Yeah, she deserved Mads's violence. But I knew how much so many readers lover her. The violence wasn't necessary and added too much length, so I rearranged this scene without the violence as you read it in HP.


kvsgrimes said...

Love seeing Madison like this!!

Mindy fangedmom said...

Dayum! Miss Gracen, I believe you have a thing for blondes!

Petra was totally a dark haired, pixy hair cut in combat boots in my head!! She is lethal just to look at her. I LOVE THIS SCENE!! OMG love how bad ass Mads threw the knife at her then made her submit! LOVE the LYNX in her coming out!!!!!!


BellaBunnell said...

Lol, Mindy! I agree with Andie and Alessa, she deserved it, but I like her too. And damn Mads...anger issues much? More badass all the time!