Thursday, March 29, 2012

Destiny Redeemed Blog Tour

The creation of a story that's entirely unique is one of the most enjoyable facets of being an author. As a paranormal romance author, that creation often includes fantastic plots and characters who can do any number of things we humans can't.  For my Destined Ones stories, Stolen Destiny and Destiny Redeemed, I created beings called Aeveren who are very much like humans but possess special powers far beyond what humans possess.

All Aeveren enjoy the power of reincarnation. Each Aeveren man and woman lives fifty lifetimes before moving on. What they are in each life changes with the hand of fate. One lifetime can see a man as a ruler of millions, and the next lifetime can see him a pauper. Fate is fickle like that.

In addition to the gift of reincarnation, all Aeveren have some power after their twentieth lifetime. Some, like the hero in Destiny Redeemed, a man named Amon Kalins, were born with their powers in their first lifetime.  Amon has a plethora of powers, most of which he's used to do less-than-wonderful things in his forty-seven lifetimes. Trust me. He very much belongs in Nil, Aeveren prison, as the book begins.  Amon's been a bad boy. As a tempuster—someone who can manipulate time—he can travel back and forth in time, make it slow down for those around him, make it speed up, or make it stop entirely.  As a rule, most of his time manipulation throughout his existence has involved changing events to suit his liking by going back in time.  He doesn't really travel in time so much as control time. 

In addition, Amon can read minds and if he's so inclined, insert ideas in another's mind. Such abilities have made him incredibly powerful, even among a race of beings that all seem to possess some power or another.

Thea, the heroine in Destiny Redeemed, is a woman who's been given the gift of healing. Unlike Amon, her power is entirely good.  She has no other abilities other than the ability to heal her people, but as an Aeveren healer, she is very much a powerful being. But Thea's powers are limited. If a soul is meant to leave this Earth and move on to the next lifetime, there is nothing she can do to stop it.

For forty-five lifetimes, Thea has essentially been alone.  Aeveren healers rarely get to enjoy the last gift of being Aeveren—the gift of a destined one, a soul mate. But finally it seems in this lifetime fate has remembered her and given her someone: Amon. However, remember the course of true love never ran smoothly, and for them to be together, Amon will have to be more than the manipulative man he's been for so long. After forty-seven lifetimes, it may not be possible to be someone so entirely different, even if it's for a woman like Thea. 


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Proserpine said...

Great post! I saw this cover on many blogs and it really drawn my attention! It's probably the first book I read with reincarnated beings!
Thanks for sharing these infos!



Gabrielle said...

Thanks for being a part of the Destiny Redeemed tour!

Nicole Garcia said...

Just finished this book this morning. Great story! Very different. Definitely worth the read. Also Stolen Destiny would best to read first, since Amon is in that book and you get more of what he's about before reading Destiny Redeemed. Also read Gabrielle's new book Blood Avenged. That is one of my favorite books. Totally great and totally H-O-T!!!!

LorettaLynn said...

This looks great:) I love your work!

Thank you for sharing with us

Kristina's Books & More said...

Great post! This book sounds great and I love the cover! Will definitely have to go add it to my TBR on Goodreads!

Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Kristina's Books & More

Cheryl S. said...

Even if I don't win, Gabrielle Bisset's books are still going on my TBR list! This book sounds awesome! Thank you for the great giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great..adding to my book list.
Debi Anne

BellaBunnell said...

What an interesting world Gabrielle has created. These are going on the TBR right away. They sound fantastic.
Thank you, Gracen and Gabrielle. Swag! Yay!

Katherine Tildes said...

awesome! I loved "Pandora's box" and am loving all the sneak peaks for "Hells Phoenix".

Gracen Miller said...

Katherine, Hell's Phoenix was released in ebook format in February. I don't have a print release date yet, but my best prediction is May or June timeframe.

Good luck to everyone on winning Gabrielle's swag. I won't draw a winner until Sunday, so she'll have time to get more viewers here.


terri_dion said...

i almost missed this post but i'm glad i didn't the book sounds great!

bn100 said...

I enjoyed the post. The book sounds very good.


Gracen Miller said...

I almost forgot to draw a winner! Sorry for the delay! drew the winner, which is...

Kristina at Kristina's Books and More!

Congrats, Kristina! I'll get Gabriella to contact you.