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Hell's Phoenix Deleted Scene

As with all the deleted scenes, they were removed because Hell's Phoenix became too long and it wasn't necessary for the story line. This particular scene comes in right after Madison stabbed Petra (the deleted scene I posted last week) and as Madison and Alessa are headed to the honky tonk bar where they run into Micah and Nix. 

Disclaimer: This scene is unedited and was removed from the book prior to submitting Hell's Phoenix to my publisher, Decadent Publishing.

How I picture Alessa
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Madison cranked her Land Rover, checked the position of her mirror and adjusted the volume of the radio.
“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about stabbing that demon. What’d it feel like?” Alessa swiveled in the passenger seat to face Madison.
Madison sent the other woman a half-hearted smile. “I lost my cool in there.” She backed out of the garage, hit the button to send the garage door back down and shifted the vehicle into drive. “Sometimes Petra gets on my last nerve.”
“Madison, that demon is as fun as lemon juice in your eye. The only two people she doesn’t affect are Amos and Zen. And nothing bothers Zen.”
Untrue. Yanking the lid off Pandora’s Box had bothered him very much.
“Buckle up,” Madison said as she turned left out of the driveway.
“Yeah, like I’m not about to dive headfirst into steamy waters.” Alessa winked, but dutifully buckled up.
“You can still change your mind.” She liked Alessa, respected the woman and had no problem understanding why Nix liked her too. Maybe if Alessa and Nix hadn’t met over her husband’s death, they’d have hooked up as a real couple instead of as ‘friends with benefits’. Maybe once they saved his ass from Micah’s clutches, they could still have that ‘real’ relationship. She wouldn’t suffer them that privilege. She wanted Nix to be happy and if that someone turned out to be Alessa, then Madison would be pleased for them. More than once since meeting Alessa, she wondered if the horsewoman could be the woman Georgie spoke of, the woman Nix would end up with.
“How many times do I have to tell you, my soul is yours?”
“Until you dive headfirst into steamy waters.” Madison shot her a teasing smile.
“I’ve already sold you my soul a million times.”
A million times? That was a bit melodramatic. “It’s not binding yet.”
“I’d do anything to help Nix. I can’t listen to this shit.” Alessa shut off the octane radio station. “I love him, not the same way as you, but I still love him.”
“Don’t start,” Madison flung up a hand. “I’ll turn that shit on and make you listen to it if you start chatting about that hogwash.” Not a warning, a promise because Madison wasn’t in the mood. Strung tight, knowing they were running out of time, she lived on the edge of panic. She didn’t need the ‘you love him like a lover’ argument again. It was bad enough she couldn’t get Zen’s comments out of her freaking head anytime he felt like discussing it. She wouldn’t listen to Alessa discuss the topic at will either.
“Touché.” They were silent through three intersections before Alessa broke the silence. “What do you think Nix is going to say when we show up in Hell?”
“He’ll be pissed off.” She smiled and made a right-hand turn onto I-459, powered just over the speed-limit and set cruise. Flying would’ve made this trip easier, but driving wouldn’t leave a paper trail.
Alessa snorted. “I think ‘pissed off’ is a mild description of what he’ll feel.”
“You sure you want to do this, Alessa?”
“I owe that man my life.”
Most likely she would pay with her life, but Madison said nothing and neither did Alessa.

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Kristina's Books & More said...

Another great deleted scene! Thanks for sharing with us!! :)

BellaBunnell said...

Most excellent! Love Alessa too! I also love that you found someone that embodied the horsewoman, as well as the beauty. Gawd! So many great characters. Thanks, Gracen! <3

Gracen Miller said...

As always, you're welcome, Kristina. I have a couple of more to share over the next couple of weeks.

Shelley, can't you just picture "Alessa" in these photos giving the bartender hell in the honky tonk? LOL


Mindy fangedmom said...

totally fits her big time! this one i totally agree with.

DAYUM YOU CUT THE SHOUT OUT TO OCTANE!! now i just gave it back to them B-)

another excellent deleted scene. how hard is it to delete scenes<? do u decide? does an editor, beta etc say to cut it? does it hurt to cut them? i think i just interviewed you!!

love ya mamma!!!

Joella said...

Awesome deleted scene!! Love it!!

Gracen Miller said...

LOL at Mindy. Damn hard cutting Octane out of the book. ;-) I love me some Octane.

I cut these before the book was ever submitted to the publisher. I've never had an editor ask me to cut a scene, but only rework it. Sometimes it hurts to cut them. I loved the dog one with Nix, so that was tough. And the one I'll post next week was a HUGE alteration to the story that I just didn't have time to add, so I reworked a scene in Hell, so I could take the scene out completely. That once sucked because Alessa's outcome is totally different between the two. You'll see.

Love ya too, girl.


Gracen Miller said...

Thanks, Joella!