Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Honor and Obey...Gracen's Poem

The following poem is horrid, and I didn't even remember writing it. I've been going through some of my poems for Mindy Janicke and posting them so you can all see how awful of a poet I am. And believe me some of these poems should be burned!!! But this poem was written on November 20, 1987. I would've been 16 at the time. I find it poetic and a tad ironic--or a creepy kind of fate--that I'm now writing a series based upon the Queen of Hell. 

Honor and Obey

She stepped forward and accepted the crown.
People began to bow respectively down.

Every part of her felt like a queen.
She would help prepare every scheme.

She held up her right hand to swear.
The rules she would now declare.

She was the Queen to Honor and Obey.
The Queen of Hell no one should ever betray.

She held the power to send them to slavery for life.
She would make him proud that he had chosen her as his wife.

She would proudly hold her royal seat.
She would show her husband her cunning deceit.

For death and destruction she holds a flame.
Her husband's desire is the same.

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Loves All Things Books said...

Wow...looks like Micah and Madison lived in you heart even then lol

Gracen Miller said...

I know, but scary, huh?!?! lol

kvsgrimes said...

Gift of premonition, my dear Gracen???

Love the poem!! :)

Gracen Miller said...

Kathryn, the weird part is, I do at times have premonitions, but I never know that's what they are until that moment comes along. I even wrote a poem about my husband BEFORE I met him, the title of it was "For Mark It'll Never Fail" and I described him to a T....blond hair, blue eyes, 6'3" and football player. He loves the irony of it, I think it's a bit WEIRD! I wrote some morbid crap back in the day. *shakes head*

kvsgrimes said...

WOW!!! That is amazing!! I bet it fed the hubby's ego too, eh??? LOL!!!

I think it is should share more...

Gracen Miller said...

The next 5 Sundays all have poems scheduled to post. This coming Sunday is a poem I wrote not too long ago called, Ode to Eliel.

He thinks that poems is awesome and bragged a lot about it in the beginning. haha Men are so easy to please. ;-)

Mindy fangedmom said...

UHM this should be in one your books! HOW PERFECT for Mads and Micah! OMG you do rock!!!