Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ode to Eliel...Gracen's Poem

Ode to Eliel

Come, come said the demon to the mortals,
Welcome to my game of hellish portals.

Come, come humans, one and all,
So that I may snicker when you fall.

Come, come so that I may feast.
Resist?  Oh, no, not this sexy beast.

Come, come sip my juicy wine
And you can fuck me on my cloud nine.

Come, come my tasty treats,
On the cusp of death, Elias shall greet.

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BellaBunnell said...

Ooooh...naughty naughty E!!! ;)

andie said...

I have something to confess.
Just saw his name,
and was already impressed,
even though the guy has no shame,
and he knows exactly
how to play games.

I have the whim
to fall for bad boys.
I know he's grim,
which, he clearly enjoys.
I know, he would make me
one of his toys and I can just hope,
that I won't be the one he destroys.

OK that sucks.. :D
Anways, I LOVED this Ode!! :)

Gracen Miller said...

*grins at Shelley*

Andie, I loved your poem!!! It rocks! I thought mine kind of sucked, but I love Elias, so it was fun writing.


SdyLion said...

Its just to fecking perfect!

Loves All Things Books said...

Loved it!