Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hell's Phoenix Deleted Scene

This deleted scene comes in right after the honky-tonk bar when Madison's eyes are changing to pink for the first time. I removed this scene and wrote a new scene, because I altered the story. Initially, Zen was going to give this as part of his back story. Confess that Pandora had been his brother's wife and that was why he'd been given control over her. But the angels had not fallen during Zen's time. They fell after Atlantis fell when the humans were created and Zen came before Atlantis. Therefore, that was the need to delete this scene and rewrite. 

Plus, I decided it would be better if Zen had no idea why her eyes were turning pink and that Micah was the one to tell her the name of her demon. I believe the impact was/is stronger that way. What do you all think?

Disclaimer: This scene is unedited and was removed from the book prior to submitting Hell's Phoenix to my publisher, Decadent Publishing.


“His second attempt at a daughter was Pandora. She grew angry when God wished her to marry a mortal man, binding her powers in a box he gave to her husband for safe keeping.”
Madison leapt to her feet and almost regretted it when she wobbled. She clenched the back of the chair and stared at Zen. “Pandora?” she whispered.
He nodded. Blackness narrowed her vision and she concentrated on breathing in through her mouth and out her nose. “Pandora felt God had punished her for her loyalty and she sought the dark arts on earth. Demons responded.”
King of Hell actually, Pandora clarified in her head, proving she was listening.
“She killed her husband in a blood ritual—”
“Call it what it is, Zen, a blood covenant with a King of Hell.”
Yes. Pandora’s slimy grin sickened her. Madison’s fingertips tingled from death-gripping the chair.
Zen continued as if she hadn’t interrupted him. “She opened the box, ingested all her former powers and almost succeeded in wiping out my race in retaliation for God’s actions.” Madison blinked. Gazing into Zen’s eyes, she realized Pandora was personal for him and he confirmed it with, “Pandora was married to my brother. I was granted power over her after God took notice and forced her into the box, but not before their war charred earth enough to send the dinosaurs into extinction. She has the power to enslave men and women, the power to feed lies to the world and incite wars with a thought.”
He’s almost right, Madison, but not quite. I can control the weather and rock the planet with wide-spread destruction, but I cannot coerce men to violence with a thought. Mortals are weak and whispering certain words into the ears of particular men is enough to spark wars. I covenanted with your King to help him obtain the rights to the world. 
Madison dropped into the chair. Who did she believe? “When I broke the lid to the box, she said something about she was coming for Yaweh.” She couldn’t remember Pandora’s exact words. It’d been a volatile moment and she remembered only bits and pieces of those dark moments. “She can’t survive outside the box can she?”
“Not without a host?”
“So, somehow Micah figured out how to make me…what’d you call it? Lynx?” At Petra’s nod, Madison continued. “Then Pandora wouldn’t be able to control me unless I allowed it. Micah wouldn’t risk losing me to a foreign entity.”
You sure about that? Pandora moved sneakily about, making her think of a stalker surveying its victim before the ultimate hit.
Without question, she replied back. She felt Pandora’s nervousness and knew with conviction she was right. Pandora wanted her freedom, but with or without Zen’s help, the entity was bound to Madison’s commands. Why hadn’t she realized that before now?
Fear. Yeah, fear had weakened her. No more. It was time to take control of her future once and for all. She felt Pandora slink into a corner, probably to rethink her strategy for control because she doubted the former angel would give up. Not yet. It was too soon.
“You’re eyes just shifted back to normal,” Alessa said.
Taking mental control of her life must’ve returned her to physical normalcy. Interesting concept, but it was the only logical conclusion. “Anything else I need to know about my Lynx?”
“Now that it’s awakened, you’ll need to feed it.” Petra glanced at Zen. “Or get a shot of angel spirit from one of the Kings.”
“Hell no to the angel spirit.” Madison stood and didn’t sway this time. “I’ll put a bullet through my brain before I endanger anyone for sexual feeding.”

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terri_dion said...

As always I love it Gracen but then I love everything about the road to hell.

Mindy fangedmom said...

OMG that was cool as hell! I am torn though. You post these deleted scenes and then my brain adds them to the book! I am glad it was MICAH who named her a Lynx (gee who is surprised there...hehe) but the back story on Zen is amazing! And to actually FEEL Madison take over her own body and Pandora is coooooool as hell! As always my friend, you are simply amazing!!!!