Thursday, June 30, 2011

T-Shirt Scene...How I Completed It

The winner of the T-Shirt Contest is MINDY FANGEDMOM!  Everyone please congratulate her and then run off to enter the Poster Contest.  There's a link at the top of the page that you can click to go straight to the contest!  =D

Now...for how I completed the scene I asked all of you to complete...

The demon dragged her hard against his granite-like, immoveable chest, knocking the breath from her lungs with their sudden impact. Demon or not, buff beneath his clothing and as unforgiving as concrete, those assets terrified her more! She couldn't compete with strength.

Not even an inhalation moved his rock hard pecs. Testament that he didn't live, or rather evidence he didn't need air to live. If that wasn't enough to prove he was dead, she held her breath, trying to block out his stench. The action failed miserably as his atrocious odor caused her eyes to water.

"I'll provide you security and safety, make you Queen of all Nations. All you need do is consent to come with me now."

Queen of all Nations, huh? What an amazing offer. Kind of like winning the lottery without buying a ticket. She guessed it came with a high price.

A familiar cant stained his voice, yet a gruff unfamiliarity marred it at the same time. Fire eyed or not, buff or not, offering the world or not, he was in her home uninvited, and he stank to high heaven.

She sucked in a breath to scream again. He slammed his mouth over hers, slicing her upper lip against her teeth and cutting off any sound she might have executed. The hand in her hair twisted her head to the side, and he deepened his demonic kiss. His tongue swished inside and flicked across hers, her bleeding mouth making their connection wet and slippery.

Madison grunted and squirmed, slapped and punched, attempting to break free. None of her efforts worked. So, she bit down on his tongue and gagged on his thick, sludgy blood.

He jerked backward and an outraged bellow struck her face, the stench knocking the breath from her lungs. Holding her steady by her hair, his other hand wrapped around her throat and constricted. Awful strangled sounds came from her, as he squeezed tighter and tighter until she thought he'd crush her windpipe.


Darkness edged her vision as jagged lightening haloed his silhouette. His grip intensified while thunder rattled the windows.

If he murdered her, Amos would be left all alone with him.

She struggled to lift her arms and rake her nails down his face, but they weighed too much to maneuver accurately. They ended up banging against her thighs like a loose window shutter in a vicious thunderstorm.

In the moments before she thought death would claim her, his face transformed with concise clarity. All thought froze; shocked beyond comprehension, she couldn't believe her eyes. His identity couldn't be right.

The door to her bedroom burst open as Madison lost consciousness.

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ANY COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS FROM MY HELLHOUNDS ABOUT MY SCENE?? If so, leave me a comment below and I'll respond!


Nicole H. said...

Grats Mindy! <3 *hugs*

Mindy fangedmom said...

Ok first of all HOLY HELL! Are you kidding me? I won???? *does a super freaking happy dance* THANK YOU GRACEN!!! I am so excited. I am SO NOT A WRITER and I love strong female leads that can kick some ass & take prisoners. I think I get clausterphobic allowing MY female leads to get in any tight spots...therefore that is why I read and not right. I was holding my breath reading your story Gracen!!

Everyone (that I got to read) did a great job! This was SUPER fun!!

thank you again Gracen!!!!

Thank you Nicole h!!!!

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IandSsmom said...

Congrats Mindy!!! Great story!!