Tuesday, June 14, 2011

100 Points for Miss Kitty Review

100 Points for Miss Kitty
By Laci Leigh
Publisher:  kNight Romance Publishing
Book Length:  27 pages


It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and after a bad day at the office, Katrina’s life instantly takes on a different twist when she arrives home to find her sexy new neighbor Todd half naked and washing his car.

As Todd’s interest peaks, Katrina has her own set of rules before he gets a chance to meet Miss Kitty. He has to earn a total of one hundred points in a day’s time, or no Miss Kitty.

Through a hysterically funny chain of events, Katrina realizes that Todd is just what she needed, someone who can break through the walls around her heart.

Her Fourth of July weekend turns out to be more than just fireworks for dear Miss Kitty.


3.5 out of 5 Hellhounds

100 Points for Miss Kitty….let me get the negative over first.  There was one aspect of the story that irritated me so much that by the 27th page, I knew I couldn’t give this book a 4 out 5 for this sole reason and that was how Katrina constantly referred to her feminine parts as “Miss Kitty”.  It was too much, too often, in such a short story, that it made it way too repetitive for me to overlook.  And Miss Kitty isn’t a very sexy name for a very sexual part of a woman’s anatomy. 

Now, on to the positives because there were too many positives to focus on a single negative.  100 Points for Miss Kitty is a short story, I loved both of the characters and I read it all in one sitting.  The story made me giggle and there’s a really great, embarrassing scene, where Katrina opens the door to her neighbor, Todd, with a dildo—or B.O.B.—hidden behind her back because she didn’t have time to ditch it before opening the door.  Todd of course realizes she’s got it in her hands and the scene unfolded with a lot of giggling on my part.  I thought the “point system” was an interesting concept and, hey, who knows, it could be useful if you’re a single gal. It’s a creative concept and added a fun twist to the story.  As a short read, the storyline delivered enough detail to make the emotions feel believable.  With all the sexual tension in the book, I expected more out of the sex scene, but wasn’t disappointed with the overall storyline.  If you like a fast, humorous read, then you’ll enjoy this book.


stina6891 said...

Lol at the calling her feminine parts Miss Kitty. The book has a cute cover though.

Gracen Miller said...

It was a really cute book, but that part drove me nuts. lol I wouldn't say don't read it, just be prepared for that if you do.