Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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They would suffer. Woe to the individual that made his Madison bawl like she’d lost her world. Micah shut off his cell phone with quiet fury and executed an illegal U-turn on Jefferson Street. Oncoming traffic blew horns. He ignored the irate blares, and gunned his Porsche.

A swift parking job left him straddling two parking spots. He leapt from the vehicle and slammed the door behind him, barely restraining the rage boiling inside him. Barely restraining the urge to sprint across the park to her.

Madison indicated she’d meet him near the water fountain at the center of the recreational area. Quickening his pace, he cast his gaze about, taking note of those strolling in the vicinity.

The moment he topped the small hill, Madison was flung into his view. She sat on the concrete bench that edged the fountain. Her shoulders were slumped forward, her elbows on her knees and her face hidden behind her palms.

Wrath itched beneath his skin like a million stinging wasps. Curling his fists at his sides, he again promised retribution to whoever had caused her distress. He took a moment to relax his taut muscles. Going to her angry wouldn’t help either of them.

Seeing her so broken did nasty things to his restraint. Micah took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly. Failed to help his temper. Not a big surprise since he figured nothing would. He went to her, and noted the whispered buzzing he stirred with a group of women to the right. Their gossip would have to be diffused later. Madison needed him more.

Micah placed his hand on Madison’s shoulder. She tensed beneath his touch, but tilted her head back. Red-rimmed blue eyes met his gaze. He resisted his instinct to tug her into his embrace and demand the cause of her anxiety. Resisted telling her he’d seek immediate justice against the one who harmed her.

Madison reacted to his touch, rubbed her palm across her pants and squeezed his hand resting on her shoulder. Her response appeased his instincts and tamed the demon within demanding swift justice.

“I shouldn’t have called you,” she said, her voice raspy from crying. “I just didn’t know who…there was no one else to—” A tiny head shake and her gaze fell away, as did her hand.

Friendless? Was that what she indicated by her broken sentences? Any fool could discern girls weren’t her friends because they envied her. Males weren’t her friends because they all wanted her. He silently promised to give her friends so loyal they’d die for her.

“I’m glad you called. Let me,” he said and gave a little pull on her backpack. She allowed him to ease it off, tugging her arms free of the straps. Micah placed it between his feet as he sat beside her on the concrete surface, leaving less than an inch between them. “You want to tell me what’s going on?”

Or point me in the instigator’s direction so I can kill them slowly?

“Not really,” she said looking everywhere but at him. The crying was over, that was a good start. Good for his temper too.

“You terrified me. I broke a handful of laws rushing to you.”

She turned her head to look at him. Her eyes remained puffy, but she’d be good as new in a few hours, all evidence of her weeping eradicated. “Sure you did.”

Easy to discern she believed that like she believed a bad pick-up line.

“I did a U-turn into oncoming traffic, went well over seventy down Jefferson Street and parked illegally.” Micah brushed his knuckles across her cheekbone and her eyelids went half-mast at the gentle touch. “Why are my actions so hard for you to believe?”

Madison shrugged, looked away quickly. Micah guessed the question hit a sore nerve.

“Your family loves you and would—” 

She snorted loud enough to interrupt his sentence.

“I believe every teenager thinks their parents don’t love them or are unreasonable.”

“Not every teenager’s father blames her for gaining unwanted attention from men.”

Those words were spoken so solemnly, Micah knew not to question their validity. The floodgates on his temper burst wide open again and he struggled to keep his voice flat. “Anyone who has met you knows you’re above reproach, charmingly innocent.”

And driving me fucking crazy with her innocence.

“When men stare at me and flirt with me without any enticement from me,” she chewed on her thumb nail, “that’s damning enough in Daddy’s eyes. An innocent girl wouldn’t provoke such an action.”

What an ass her father is! Maybe a few screws loose too for him to think such nonsense. He hadn’t met a pastor yet that didn’t have a few screws loose. Causing the father problems wouldn’t be a bit of a problem; a juicy sex scandal should do the job nicely.

“I cannot speak for the other men, Madison, but I only seek friendship from you.” A lie to damn his soul, but for a worthy individual. “Is he who upset you today?”

“Mr. Dominus—”

“Micah,” he corrected. “You called me in crisis, and gave me a mini heart attack. I believe I deserve a small boon. Call me Micah.“

A touch of a smile. “You’re dangerous…Micah.”

She made him work for each small victory, but damned if they weren’t satisfying when he won them.

He grinned and nudged her with his shoulder. “Not all that dangerous.” At least not dangerous to you. “Back to my question, what upset you today?”

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Tich said...

OH MY GOODNESS, YOU'RE KILLING ME HERE! I will patiently await the next...okay okay so it won't be patient, lol.

Gracen Miller said...

LOL @ Tich. NONE of you are patient, and I wouldn't expect anything less from any of you. ;-)

Glad you're enjoying them.


Brea Essex said...

You're right: NONE of us are patient! Can you blame us when you leave us with such cliffhangers?

Elena Gray said...

Yup! Micah is definitely dangerous!!

Gracen Miller said...

Brea, I'd probably steal Kristina's boots and kick my ass if I were y'all. lol the writer, the cliffhangers are half the fun. ;-) Aaaannnddd you wouldn't expect a Mommma Hellhound not to torment y'all would ya? LOL

Elena...*laughs* Dangerous in what way? In that he's suave enough to make y'all fall hard and fast for him despite your misgivings, just like he is her? Or in some other way? =D


Mindy fangedmom said...



NICE...but now I need more more more momma please/??????

You are doing a great job here! You really are. Thank you for your talent!!!!

Gracen Miller said...

THE. PORSCHE. IS. BLACK!!! lol The color was stated in Life Lesson 12, BUT it wouldn't hurt for me to remind y'all every now and then. lol

Nope, you're NOT getting any more today. hehehe're sweet, not bitchy at all! ~huggles~


stina6891 said...

I love me some Micha! *purrs* ;)

*resists the urge to beg for more Life Lessons*

I can't wait until the next one!

And Gracen, you can borrow my boots any time you'd like. :)

Gracen Miller said... evil plot has succeeded. I've drawn y'all in and have you eating out of my hands, begging for more. ;-)

Kristina said: "I love me some Micah! *purrs*" *giggles evilly*

Hey, what size shoe do you wear? I'm a six, so do I need to stuff my feet into your borrowed boots or stuff cotton in the toes? LOL


Nicole H. said...

YAY more of his POV please!!!!!

Andie said...

We got it, now we need more, it never ends...altough i never want it to be end. Micah!!! kill the bastards!! Maybe i'm too agressive, but i want to see him in action (in every kind of it lol)

rhonda said...

"You’re dangerous…Micah" hahaha I love it!