Friday, May 4, 2012

Hell's Phoenix Deleted Scene

This deleted scene came about because I thought it best to save the extent of Amos's powers for a later book or either for Amos's book. This particular scene comes in right after Madison returned from Hell. Her son has already welcomed her home, and so have the Birminghams, Alessa and Petra. She's about to face Nix for the first time since she forced him out of Hell.  

Disclaimer: This scene is unedited and was removed from the book prior to submitting Hell's Phoenix to my publisher, Decadent Publishing.


Kur said, “The boy—”
“I know.” Zen cut him off with a hard glance.
Madison looked at the dragon and caught him staring horrified at Amos.
“What?” she demanded.
“Kur recognizes his power.”
That’s a lie, Zen, she sent the words telepathically, knowing whatever was on Kur’s mind, Zen didn’t wish Amos to know about it. But keeping secrets from her about her son wasn’t on her list of okays.
She glared at Kur. “Spit it out, dragon.”
Kur sent an apologetic glance at Zen, but so long as the tattoo rode her back, she controlled him. He stepped closer and whispered against her ear. “His power ranks as high as a King of Hell and he hasn’t hit puberty. That’s when latent power crests. You’ll know the extent of his power then. If he can’t control it…”
Madison curled her fingers in his shirt and jerked him to eye level. “Are you threatening my son?”
“No.” He inclined his head toward Zen. “He’ll be your threat.”
She cut Zen a hard look.
“We’ll talk at length later.” Zen said without a hint of an expression.

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andie said...

I finally make it to here....
Well, well, well... i hope he gets his own book one day.. it would be awesome,and since you dont like YA i don't have to afraid of that it would might be YA.. ^^

Gracen Miller said...

*shudders at the thought of writing a YA of Amos* I plan to do Amos, but it'll be after Zen. And Amos will be grown...think of the photo I posted in Team Nixah of Amos. =D

andie said...

I tell you, I'll have a hard crush on him... is it bad??