Friday, May 11, 2012

Hell's Phoenix Deleted Scenes

Pillow talk that I deleted because I was able to get most of this in in other ways. Obviously, this happens right after Mads and Nix have had sex for the first time. 

Disclaimer: This scene is unedited and was removed from the book prior to submitting Hell's Phoenix to my publisher, Decadent Publishing.


“We’ve gone through so much together, it’s mind-boggling to think how we ended up here.”
Nix’s fingertip traced the sigils above her left breast, but his gaze was intense. “Not mind-boggling for me, baby. I’ve been in love with you for a long time. Since before you abandoned me on your lawn. Thought I was protecting you by keeping my mouth shut and then I had Georgie telling me you had a road to travel before I could be a part of it.”
“I thought I was protecting you by leaving you.” She half smiled and ran two fingers over the stubble shadowing his jaw. “You were such a fresh-faced youth back then.”
“I was twenty-one.”
“That’s my point. Young and eager to help.”
“You were only twenty-five with a five-year-old kid.”
“Yeah, but I felt ancient.” Nix’s fingers shifted, dragged down between her breasts and created lazy, swirly designs on her abdomen. “And knowing what we know now, you needed protection from me. Micah used you, Gage and Zoe to scare me out of hiding. He told me as much after he kicked you into Hell.”
“Is this where you’re going to start reminding me how we don’t belong together because I need protection from your evil husband?” His fingers dragged back and forth across her pubic hair, but his gaze was resolute. “Because if so, I’m not listening to that tired and outdated argument. You’ve had the only showdown you’re going to have with Micah alone. Any future ones that may or may not happen, I’ll be present. You’re my woman now. You and Amos are my family and I refuse to let him just have either of you without a fight.”
His devotion warmed her. No one had ever fought for her the way Nix did and she had a feeling no one ever would.
Nix watched her closely as his palm slid down between her thighs and cupped her flesh. Madison dragged in a hard breath and covered his hand with hers.
“It’s pure chemistry that I arouse you, Mads. And maybe innateness warned you that Micah wanted something demonic from you. My intentions have always been honorable.”
His palm began to move. “Maybe not so honorable all the time, Nix,” she said, voice sounding breathy.

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