Friday, May 25, 2012

Hell's Phoenix Deleted scene

A deleted scene from the morning after Mads and Nix's exit from Hell. As you can see, Vela is still in the picture and with Hell's Phoenix already so long, none of this was practical to keep. 

Disclaimer: This scene is unedited and was removed from the book prior to submitting Hell's Phoenix to my publisher, Decadent Publishing.


After dragging Mads out of the meeting with Kur and Zen, Nix took her back to their bedroom. He made love to her until she grew hoarse from crying her orgasms, feeding her messian the entire time.
He’d thought for sure she’d sleep after their last round. But less than two hours later, he awoke to find her missing from their bed. Again!
This time, he followed his nose straight to the kitchen. Frying bacon, steaming grits, scrambled eggs and baking biscuits enveloped him. His belly grumbled, reminding him he hadn’t eaten since lunch the prior day. Mads’s southern home cooking could make his mouth water even when he wasn’t hungry.
The sight that greeted him halted his steps and he held no desire to interrupt. Georgie sat at the table, steam rising from a coffee cup in front of her, a smile on her face. Mads’s octane music wafted from an unidentifiable source. She wore a pair of black running shorts that molded to every curve she possessed and a red running top that didn’t meet the hip-hugging shorts. Flat abs attested to the athlete in her, hard hours of sparring with Zen, and who knew what else.
“Come on, angel, give it a try. Follow my movements.” She demonstrated some hip rolling action that hit the fast beat of the music without fail.
“Momma, it ain't normal for you to move like that.”
“Not true. Everyone can dance if they let the music guide them.” She flipped bacon and moved some out of the frying pan onto a paper-towel lined plate.
What she did wasn’t dancing, but were heavy reminders of the epic sex marathon they’d had not too long ago.
“Okay, how about this?” Amos demonstrated his best moves. They were more akin to a seizure rather than any dance move Nix had ever seen. Mads pealed with laughter, as did Georgie, and Nix couldn’t hold back his chuckle either.
Three pairs of eyes turned to him simultaneously.
“Good morning, Nix.” Georgie sent him a knowing smile and sipped on her coffee.
“Very good morning, Aunt Georgie.” He winked at her and moved in the direction of Mads and Amos. “I didn’t want to interrupt the dance lesson.” He swiped a piece of bacon off the plate.
“There’s coffee in the coffee pot.” Mads refused eye contact. “Amos, set the table, please.”
Amos dug out a stack of plates, but not without complaint. “No one expects a gourmet meal, Momma. They could just serve themselves straight from the stove.”
Nix poured coffee in a mug and watched Vela enter the kitchen and beeline for the refrigerator.
“It’s a morning for celebration, Amos. Nix is out of Hell and everyone survived.” Mads quirked her lips. “Sort of.”
No doubt she thought of Alessa with that ‘sort of’ comment.
Nix sipped on the scalding coffee and studied Mads over the rim of the mug. She hadn’t met his gaze yet and he knew she tried to play their relationship cool for their audience.
“Amos, I think Mads has mad dance skills and we all would benefit from taking a lesson or two from her.” She had other mad skills too, but he wouldn’t comment on them. Mads peeked at him beneath her lashes as she stirred the grits.
“She could be a stripper.” Vela popped open a Red Bull and guzzled it.
“Um…no thanks.” Mads grimaced and shook her head. “I don’t get naked in front of my mirror, so a definite no-go on the stripper occupation.”
Nix sidled closer to her as Amos began to place the plates on the table louder than necessary, a clear sign of disgruntlement over the mundane chore. “You get naked for me, though.” Wide-blue eyes jerked to meet his gaze. “Think maybe you can do a naked dance for me?”
A rosy flush hit her cheeks and Mads swallowed hard. Her breathing hitched and her gaze dropped to his mouth.
“Where’s my good morning kiss?” He shot a rapid glance in Amos’s direction and said, “He knows, by the way.”
“How could Amos possibly know anything, Nix?” she whispered furiously.
Nix tugged her away from the stove and into his arms. No protest. That was a good sign. But her stiffness indicated her hesitation of the open display of affection. “He wanted me to be his Daddy five years ago and insisted it would happen even if I wouldn’t agree then.”
Startled by that admission, Mads looked over her shoulder at Amos for confirmation. As an answer, Amos smiled and shrugged.
“I told ya he was important. I just couldn’t say why.” Amos shrugged again and plopped into a chair beside Georgie who sipped on her coffee and watched them with a twinkle in her eyes.
Vela slurped loudly on her Red Bull and sighed, “Ah!” She cleared her throat and slammed the metal can on the table. “So Alessa and Zen were right when they said Madison loved Nix?” From the corner of his eye he saw Georgie nod her head. “Huh…” was Vela’s only comment.

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