Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tigress for Two by Marissa Dobson

Four things you didn’t know about Taber, Thorben, and Kallie from Tigress for Two. Tigress for Two is the third book in the Alaskan Tigers series.

1. Taber’s fascination with honey has kinky sex ideas running through his head.

2. Kallie is terrified to have children (you’ll have to read Tigress for Two to find out why), but you will see her again in the future and it’s likely she’ll be pregnant/have a child.

3. Thorben had a wild streak that Taber didn’t approve of while is what caused the tension between them. You’ll hear more about his wild streak as well as pranks he pulled in an upcoming book.

4. The unconventional mating in Tigress for Two between Kallie and the twins was unplanned. It was plotted and outlined as Taber and Kallie’s story, but when Thorben showed up he threw a wrench in my plans. I fought it at first, at one point even considered cutting Thorben out completely but the book stalled until I went with what Thorben demanded. Overall I’m extremely happy with how it turned out.

Born and raised in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, Marissa Dobson now resides about an hour from Washington, D.C. She’s a lady who likes to keep busy, and is always busy doing something. With two different college degrees, she believes you are never done learning.

Being the first daughter to an avid reader, this gave her the advantage of learning to read at a young age. Since learning to read she has always had her nose in a book. It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she started writing down the stories she came up with.

Marissa is blessed with a wonderful supportive husband, Thomas. He’s her other half and allows her to stay home and pursue her writing. He puts up with all her quirks and listens to her brainstorm in the middle of the night.

Her writing buddies Max (a cocker spaniel) and Dawne (a beagle mix) are always around to listen to her bounce ideas off them. They might not be able to answer, but they’re helpful in their own ways.
She love to hear from readers so send her an email at or visit her online at



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love menage....specially PNR menage!
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