Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tiffeny Moore Spotlight of Past Unleashed

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Angyl Brooks doesn't trust men. At least not since her ex-husband, David, had been in her life. Now in jail for attempted murder - her murder - she and her son, Nathan, are beginning to pick up the pieces.
But after a horrifying attack by a rogue vampire, Angyl finds a new friend and protector in Ace Evergreen. But Ace has a secret.
Romance ensues as Angyl is thrust into a world she never knew existed, filled with vampires, werewolves, and demons.
Can Ace and Angyl make their two worlds come together in harmony? Or will Angyl's past collide with her future in ways she never thought possible?

“Angyl please talk to me, I can explain, please listen.” Ace pleaded

     “Wwhat are you?”

     “I’m a vampire.”

  “Angyl, what are you doing here?” Ace said breathless from the sight of her.

     “I um, was waiting for you, but it’s getting late, we can talk tomorrow. I’m sorry, I’m gonna go now.” Angyl said while blushing and looking down, but as she started to move away Ace caught her, and carried her to his bed. Then he sat down next to her.

     “Now wait just a minute Angyl, you’re in here dressed like that, just to talk. I’m pretty sure you’re full of shit. Now if you will please wait here while I take a quick shower, then I can be right back out, and we can talk, or whatever else you may want to do.”

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About the author Tiffeny Moore: 
Tiffeny Moore has survived abuse, and the loss of her son due to protecting him, he lives with his grandma. She finally was able to get away and divorce her ex-husband and is now married to a wonderful man. She and her husband now have a beautiful daughter and they live in Alaska. Writing has always been a dream of hers and she wants to follow her dream so hopefully her daughter will follow hers. 

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