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The Road to Hell series welcomes author Damara Blackthorne

Please welcome Author Damara Blackthorne onto the Road to Hell. Damara Blackthorne is the author of Hell in a Hand Basket ~ The Journey ~. Other books written by Damara Blackthorne are Teacher‘s Rules. Now, it’s time to create a little hell and get to the good stuff by revealing all of Damara’s wicked secrets while on the Road to Hell. LOL  Yeah, you wish! ;-D 

Grab your favorite drink, sink your teeth into something decadent, sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know Damara Blackthorne…


GRACEN:  Tell me three things about yourself that we cannot find on the internet or in your bio?

DAMARA: HHHmmmm, something that I don’t mind people knowing??? 
1 - I once organized a picket line against the local school system…
2 - I play the Alto Saxophone, flute and piano…
3 - I‘m a ketchup-aholic and I‘m not interested in treatment.

GRACEN: LOL My son is a ketchup-aholic too. What hobbies and interests do you participate in when you’re not writing?

DAMARA: Drawing, 3D Graphic Art, Swimming, Music, and of course reading.

GRACEN: Do you have any writing quirks or certain things you MUST have or do before beginning the writing process?

DAMARA: When I’m writing erotica, I have to write out the basis of the story in a notebook, while naked in bed.

GRACEN: I actually think that’s damned cool! If you were plotting to take over the world, how would you do it?

DAMARA: Now if I tell you, you might tell the people who would stop me… but rest assured, with me running the joint, it’s gonna be a fun ride!

GRACEN: If you could make one statement that the entire planet would hear and remember, what would it be?

DAMARA: A quote I heard in High School, I don’t know who wrote it or spoke it, but it stuck with me…
“The world is round, and what seems like the end may just be the beginning…”

GRACEN: Excellent quote. What genre do you write and why that genre?

DAMARA: The main genre I write is Erotic Romance, but I also write Thriller/Suspense. I normally write stories based on weird dreams that I’ve had.

GRACEN: I do the same thing. Most would label them nightmares though. For those who are not yet familiar with Damara Blackthorne, can you please give us some details about the book and/or series?

DAMARA: This book “Hell in a Hand Basket ~ The Journey ~ (which has the potential to become a series), started out being about a naïve girl who meets a man who changes her life forever. But my Editor made some great suggestions, which took the book into a new, and exciting direction.

GRACEN:  Do you have any new stories in the works and can you tell us a bit about it/them?

DAMARA: I do have a few books in the works, mostly Erotic Romances. However, my current main story is about the Four Horsemen, the Apocalypse, and an Angel that was pushed out of Heaven. 

GRACEN: If you could describe your writing with one word or brief phrase, what would it be? Please delve into the core of your writing to tell us what word or phrase you want readers to take with them when they’ve finished reading your story.

DAMARA: Keep your mind open, not everything is as it seems.

GRACEN: What, in your opinion, makes your story unique and what makes it stand out from other stories in your genre? Think of this as a pitch to convince readers to pick up your books.

DAMARA: Although this story is mainly about two consenting adults, their lives have roots and consequences that are not easily discerned.

GRACEN: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research?

DAMARA: I joined a 3D sex game.

GRACEN: Now I’m intrigued. I need more info on this sex game! Of all your books, which character did you have the most fun creating and why?

DAMARA: Anne - she is in the Four Horsemen book. She is a young girl struggling with her teenage years, while being an outcast at school. She enters college, loses her entire family due to an accident, that she blames herself for, which sends her into an emotional spiral, revealing a very dark secret about herself.

GRACEN: If you had the opportunity to meet just one of your characters in real life, who would it be and why?

DAMARA: That’s tough. I’d love to actually meet them all.  But if I have to chose only one, I’d love to meet… right now, with the books that are out, I’d have to say Ryder… after the edits, he became a very thoughtful and considerate man, someone who would be a great friend, as well as a fabulous romantic interest, not to mention that he‘s damn good in bed.

GRACEN: Which of your characters would you never want to meet under any circumstance and why?

DAMARA: Taryn, she is conniving and manipulative, and she doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets her way.

GRACEN:  If you were interviewing yourself, what is the one question you would ask yourself and please give us the answer to that question?

DAMARA: Q ~ Why did it take you (ME) so long to start writing?
                   A ~ I never believed I could write, even though I had a strong urge to do so. I had to get past my insecurities, just answer the urge and write.

GRACEN:  Thanks so much for joining us, Damara!  It’s been a treat getting to know you better! 

DAMARA:  Thank You Gracen, it’s been a real pleasure being here!


BLURB:   Maeve Bendis is a shy, quiet and sweet girl.
She got into writing Adult Erotica to fill an empty void in her life. She lives out her fantasies through her stories.

Ryder knows he wants more of the lovely Maeve.  He found himself infatuated with her innocence and found the way she reacted to his touch irresistible. Yet he is also a businessman who know that she has so much more inside her and it must be released for her to reach her potential as a writer and for him become more profitable. He decides to keep Maeve close under the role of the businessman helping her find herself through his subtle touch.

My breathing had just returned to relative normality when he grabbed my left hand, pulling me from the couch. As I stood up, my skirt billowed around me, caressing my curves as it slid down my hips. Ryder growled. He pulled me into him and kissed me deep as he walked me backwards towards his desk. He spun me around so I was facing his desk. He bent me over and drove me down onto the desk. My breasts were bare and the cold of his desk caused my body to shudder violently.
Ryder inched up behind me. He leaned over on top of me and grabbed my wrists. He placed my hands above my head and had me grab the edges of the desk with them. "Keep your hands here. Do not move them unless I tell you to."
"Okay." I mumbled.
He squatted down, grabbed my ankles and spread my legs apart in a wide stance. "Don't move your feet either. Understood?"
"Good girl, Maeve."
He ran his hands under my skirt and began to roam them over my ankles. With his hands on my legs, he slowly stood up. He took his sweet time caressing my legs, roaming his hands up my legs and then back down again. Teasing me, taunting me. Up again, grazing the outsides of my thighs and stroking my ass, then he reversed his course and fondled my ass then the outsides of my thighs. On his next trip up he rubbed the insides of my thighs. When he got to my mound he rounded his hands, dipped them forward, and cupped me. He slowly reversed again, barely brushing my inner thighs and calves. My body was quaking from excitement overload. He began another survey up my legs, savoring every inch and in the process he pulled my skirt up over my thighs, then my hips and eventually shoved my skirt up over my backside.
He ground his hips into my ass. I could feel his bulge in his jeans. I shuddered and moaned. "Please Ryder."
"Please what, Maeve?" His voice was deeper than I had ever heard it before.
"Please fuck me."
"Soon Maeve, soon." He hissed like a cold rain hitting hot gravel.
He knelt behind me and ran his hands up and down my long legs over and over, avoiding my mound. He caressed my inner thighs once more, scraping my skin where my core met my legs. I whimpered and my pussy cried yearning for his touch.
I tried to push my ass back toward his face but I was held firmly by a strong hand on my ass.
"No moving includes that sweet ass of yours." He ground out. "You're just gonna have to wait."
I shivered and quaked.
Ryder leaned in and started kissing my thigh. Working toward my pussy but never actually touching my warm wet spot, instead he worked all around it and onto my ass. He trailed his tongue on my inner thigh. When he came to my dripping pussy, he ignored it and licked up, exploring my anus. I never thought he would put his tongue there. I was so horny and his tongue felt so good I didn't want him to stop touching me; even there, even with his tongue.
He held my ass cheeks apart with both hands and licked my anus one more time, sending lightening through me. He started placing small kisses on the skin surrounding my backdoor. He dipped his tongue into my cunt and snarled. I heard Ryder groan as he stood up, trailing kisses up my backside.
"Girl, you just don't know what you're doing to me..." he was panting like he had just run a marathon.
He pushed up against me and I could feel his bulge was even bigger than it was before. I heard the sound of foil tearing and his zipper going down. I didn't even have time to brace myself when he slammed into my pussy hard. He ceased moving but only briefly. He hammered into me repeatedly. His thrusts became faster and more primitive. I had to lift up on my toes, force my body to arc and hold my ass out to him so I wouldn't be painfully ground into his desk.
The thrill of being taken this way by this man was quickly becoming more than I could bear. I could feel volts of electricity course through my veins, speeding up yet keeping time with Ryder's thrusts. Waves were crashing faster and faster as Ryder pummeled me harder and harder. My knuckles were white from the strain of holding the desk and my toes were starting to cramp up but God this was unbelievably wonderful. He continued to batter my soft flesh with his swollen cock, harder, deeper, faster. I thought I was going to pass out because I was starting to see stars behind my eyes. 

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