Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Las Vegas Baby!

I flew to Vegas on December 26th to visit family! I've been there many times over the years, as my aunt and grandparents have lived in Vegas since I was a little girl. This was my first visit where nothing new had been built. 

My Aunt and I went to Freemont Street and Ziplined. I'm on the left-hand side of the photo.

I found HELLHOUND ALE!! Who knew my Hellhounds had their own beer! Very kewl!

Cool attractions in Vegas!

And in Honor of my Hellhounds, a hellish picture just for you!

Leave a comment with your email address and you'll be entered to win! Two winners will be drawn and you'll receive one of the two decks pictured below. Good luck!! Winner will be drawn Monday, January, 16th at noon CST!

A family photo--I'm the short one in the center wearing green!
(Uncle Mike in plaid, Aunt Joanne in pink, Uncle Frank in black & Mom in blue)


terri_dion said...

Hi Gracen I was wondering if we were ever going to see some pictures is that you on the zip line?

terri_dion said...

i guess i should have read the page and not just look at the pics i just answered my own question lol i think i need my coffee now.

Gracen Miller said...

LOL on answering your own question. Terri, I'd intended to do this sooner, but after being sick last week and the medical tests I took, I just never stopped to write and upload the photos.

Good luck on winning a deck of cards!


Mindy fangedmom said...

VEGAS BABY! I am glad you got to see your family!~ How very cool!

We should have a Hellhound Gaterhing in vegas some day! Can you imagine unleashing all the hellhounds on VEGAS? HEHE...sounds good to me!!! (with Micah by my side of course)!!

boo 2 bosh at gmail dot com

Joella said...

Okay, I have to admit that I have...wait for it....NEVER been to Vegas. :( I am not sure how it is that I can travel to Hamburg, Munich and Paris, but not Vegas. Looks like you had lots of fun!! Thanks for sharing your pictures and hopefully I will get to share my own Vegas pictures sometime in the near future!!!


Gracen Miller said...

Mindy, I think a Vegas Hellhound trip would ROCK!! And remember the Vegas slogan...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. LOL Unless of course, Momma Hellhound has a video recorder in her hand and then I facebook and youtube it for all the world to see. Haha!

Joella, I've never been to Munich or Paris, so I'd say you're better traveled than I am!


TSK, TSK, What to read? said...

WHOO-HOO!!! Vegas baby!!! I too have never been but maybe one day I will... It is great seeing your pictures and I absolutely LOVE the Hellhound Ale!! We are do great that we have one named after us!!! HA!!!
And I second Mindy's suggestion... Hellhounds in Vegas!!! YES!!!

Gracen Miller said...

Amy Lynn Vanderburg tried to leave a comment and Blogger was being rude, so here's her email address as her official entry:!

Delphina said...

We got married in Vegas! It sounds like you had a great time. margaretmay_15 at yahoo

Kristina's Books & More said...

Super cool! Loved seeing your photos, Gracen! I can't wait until my 21st. We are planning aVegas trip in order to celebrate. :)

Mindy fangedmom said...

OOOH Gracen, we could find a MICAH look alike. My husband would LOVE THAT! hahahaha Then at least he would have something to watch on that video!! hahahahahaha

I have never been to Vegas either Joella...I dont get out much :(


Gracen Miller said...

Shalisha Cooper wants to play and cannot thanks to Blogger. So here is her comment:

I am glad that u had a fun trip to visit ur family.

Christine A. said...

It looks like you had a great time in Las Vegas. I haven't been there, one day. No worries about being short, I am the short one in my family besides the kids, sigh. Have a great weekend Gracen.

Gracen Miller said...

The winners of this drawing are...


Congratulations, ladies!


Mindy fangedmom said...

YAY! I am so freaking excited!! Prob the closest I will EVER get to Vegas baby!!