Friday, January 13, 2012

Hellish Poem Contest

I'm stealing this idea from Mindy Janicke, who suggested it...Write me a hellish poem. If one of them fits my third book in the Road to Hell Series--Genesis Queen--I'll put it in the beginning of the book and give YOU credit for it, of course. The poem  doesn't have to rhyme, and doesn't have to follow any poem formula. Make it creative and have fun! Since this is such a huge creative request, I won't close the contest until February 29th, 2012.

Here's the hellish poem I wrote, which spawned the suggestion from Mindy:

One, two Hell's coming for you...
Three, four with lots of gore...
Five, six with flesh ripping licks...
Seven, eight pain is great!
Nine, ten start all over again!

To give you some idea of what Genesis Queen is about--FYI some parts of the storyline may alter since it is a work in progress--here is a very broad concept of the story:

Upon Nix's resurrection from Hell, tranquility has fallen. In the shadows a threat emerges, one that may claim more than their lives, but feast on their souls. Prophecy foretells Madison and Amos’s imminent demise. Desperate to save his family, Micah convinces Madison to accept his help to defeat the enemy, but can he persuade her to trust and love him again? With her heart pulled in two directions, betrayal comes from an unexpected source. Bloody sacrifices will be made by everyone, but none as great as the one Micah must bear. Amid the rubble of defeat, Hell’s Genesis Queen will dawn.

Again...have fun and enjoy! I want something dark and twisted, even bloody and gory is great! Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing what y'all come up with. You may submit an unlimited number of poems. Invite all your friends to join in the fun!

You can either post your poem here or email it to me at But PLEASE make sure you put "GQ Poem Contest" or something similar in the subject line so I won't mistake it for spam!!! If you post it in the comment section here, PLEASE make sure you give me your EMAIL address so I can contact you if you're the winner!!! 

What you get for winning!
If the winning poem fits my storyline, I will post it in the book, giving you credit, as stated above. The winner will also receive your choice of a print copy of Hell's Phoenix (when it releases in print format--approximately May 2012) or an ARC of Genesis Queen (when it releases in e-book format...the date is currently unknown and cannot be projected). If the poem doesn't fit my storyline, but it's just my favorite of the twisted poems, then you'll receive the same choice as the winning poem, but your poem won't be featured in the book.

NOTE: So there is no confusion...there is no guarantee the poem will be featured in Genesis Queen.  

Happy writing!



Mindy fangedmom said...

oh this is cooooool!

I am so on this! I will be emailing you soon!!!

Mindy fangedmom said...

First poem sent! :)

Amanda said...

Awesome sending mine!

Delphina said...

I sent one. Feeling brazen today :)!

Gracen Miller said...

I had over 20 poems submitted for this contest. Many of them damn good. However, many did not meet the story as well as I'd hoped. Thanks to ALL of you for participating in this contest. Y'all are a very talented group of folks!

There were 3 poems that really hit the nail on the head with Genesis Queen's story line. So I have decided to use ALL 3 of those stories in various ways. The winning poets are:

Mindy fangedmom--her poem will be used as lyrics in the book.

Shelley Bunnell

Kathryn Grimes

Congrats, ladies!