Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sultry Saturday with Phoenix Birmingham

Phoenix “Nix” Birmingham
Most of my life has been dedicated to killing the monsters people believe are myth. I masked my loneliness by sleeping with too many women, but then I met Madison Wescott and she changed my perception of the world. Strong and dedicated to her son, she’s smart and sexy. She’s the only woman outside my family I’d sacrifice everything for, including my life. I nicknamed her Mads because in her darkest hour, she had the courage to fight like a mad woman. I’d traverse the road to hell for her. And against all supernatural odds, I’m placing my bets on her success.

Until Mads, I never dreamed about the future, never wanted more than I had been given. Mads changed everything. Left me craving things I shouldn’t want and a life I couldn’t have. She haunts my waking dreams as well as my sleeping ones. Dreams of tasting her skin and caressing her body. To taste her whimpers and sighs against my lips, desperate to discover her erogenous zones and to hear her climax. My fondest fantasy is taking Mads against the wall, declaring my love for her, while making love to her. Who knew my fantasy would be acted out in one of the darkest hours of my life? Or that it wouldn’t play out as I had envisioned?


The following excerpt from Pandora's Box is appropriate for ages 18 and over. If you’re not 18 or older, leave now!!!

She jerked on his shirt, knocking him off balance so he crashed into her. They stumbled, her back hit the door, and Nix caught himself with his palm beside her head. “You big moron.”
Shifting his other hand to brace against the door, he trapped her between his arms and bit the corner of his mouth. Such an adorable curse.…
Nix cinched Mads’s wrists with his thumbs and forefingers and pulled her arms above her head. Anchoring them against the door with one hand, he slithered the knuckles of his other down her arm, admiring the smooth, soft texture of her flesh, until they came to rest at her hips. Turning his palm over, he gripped her hip. The thinness of her black yoga pants clung to every curve of her delectable body. They’d be easy to remove, even less restrictive to push a hand inside.
Mads stared at his mouth and licked her lips. “Repeat the question.”
“Pay attention, Mads.”
“Okay,” she said, sounding distracted as she stared at his lips, appearing fascinated with them.
Tears sparkled against her cheeks, glittered in her eyes. Nix wondered if she wanted him to kiss her as much as he wanted to.
“You’ve got Zen and Amos.”
The comment sent a fresh batch of tears sliding down her cheeks. Flanked by her arms, she rolled her head against the door. “Amos is my son. Zen is….not you. He’s my best friend. Like a brother. My relationship with them isn’t the same, Nix. Not even close.”
“How many best friends do you need?”
“Huh?” Her gaze shot to his.
“You said I am your best friend. I asked earlier if that was all I meant to you.”
“Oh.” She said nothing further, but stared into his eyes, and Nix wanted to look into hers as he drove his dick into her body. Wanted to know if she’d be as demure and shy climaxing as she was with people? Or would a hidden wanton emerge?

To read the first three chapters of Pandora’s Box, click HERE

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Andie said...

Huh... I thought this will be a cold day, but now I need something to cool me down...

I LOVED that part in the book!!!

Gracen Miller said...

Hehe...I loved that part too. One of my favs. =D


Intoxicated by Books said...

EEEK! I love this part! I love the enitre book! It is so AWESOME! I seriously can't wait for Hell's Pheonix! Gracen, don't you need bloggers to review it before it's released **wink wink** haha

Gracen Miller said...

LOL Yes, I actually do need bloggers to review it before release date. As soon as I receive the e-ARC--will be months away most likely!! lol-- but, we'll chat. =D


Intoxicated by Books said...

*Squeeee* my hubby thinks I'm crazy now! Since he was right behind me when I read that and had to squeel! LOL Gracen you ROCK!

kgrimes said...

Oh yes!! I love u Nix!!
This is also one of my favorite scenes of Nix's...
YAY!!! Loving it!!