Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Please Welcome Author Em Petrova

The Lure of Lingerie
By Em Petrova

Men stand in the doorway of Victoria’s Secret and drool over it. They ogle silken garments in your underwear drawer. So what’s the allure of lingerie? I explored this question and here’s what I found.

Women’s bodies are a marvel anyway, but slip into something that leaves—or doesn’t leave—something to the imagination and your man will fall at your feet. It’s like garnishing an already delicious dish. Men love a show, and the visual addition will amp up your sex.

Dressing up for hot sex especially in an established relationship can add new spark to your lives. Reviving your sex life with lingerie is something many couples try—and succeed at. Whether you’re role-playing with costumes or simply sliding into a new negligee, your man will definitely thank you, and you’ll reap the benefits of your creativity.

So what are the top pieces of lingerie? According to a study in “Ask Men” magazine, these are the little bitties that rev their engines:

Chemise—a short, slinky nightie worn with nothing underneath will titillate his senses. Add the tempting treat of you sans panties and the decadent feel of silk or satin and you’re asking for an amazing encounter.

Babydoll—made to enhance a woman’s breasts, these little numbers are just what men want.

Teddy—a garment that opens at the crotch turns every man into a rabid animal. And believe me—you want him to be.

Camisole and Thong—these go together like bread and jam. Give your lover a terrific view of your backside, while still playing peek-a-boo with your other parts.

Push-up Bra, Garter Belts and Stockings—these are erotic accoutrements every man has fantasized about at one time or another. And women, who knew that you could feel so sensuous and powerful in so little?

When writing erotic romance, I often forget about the foreplay that can be achieved by adding a sexy wardrobe to the scene, but now that I’ve spent some time inside a male’s head, I know I’ve got to give my heroes what they want—lingerie!

Do you own any lingerie? If so, what pieces are your favorites? And if not, what would you love to purchase? Personally I’m dying to own a corset. Something about the classic hourglass figure in a racy red color excites me…

Em Petrova
~where words mean so much more~


Liz said...

I love garter belts and real stockings....a lot!
nice post thanks Em

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Love, love, love lingerie! I have many corsets, teddies, chemises and have so since I was old enough to buy with my own money. And I do use when I can in my stories. Great "lesson" Em.

Sapphyria said...

My hubby and I have what we affectionately refer to as "The Sex Drawer." It is a drawer full of nothing but lingerie, costumes, cuffs, etc. In fact, we just went to the "store" this past weekend and bought a couple new clothing items to add.
There is no rhyme or reason to the styles....just what strikes our fancy as we peruse through the stores.

We do, however, stay away from anything that would take too long to get into or get me out of. :)


Katalina Leon said...

I love lingerie and own a real corset. Save up and buy the real thing they are a world different from a decorative corset. Half the treat is having your man watch the fitting and learn from the corset Mistress how to properly lace you. There are some safety precautions such as do not drink alcohol in a tightly laced corset. It can be held harmlessly in the stomach until you unlace and Bam, the wearer gets too much all at once... The beautiful thing about corsets is they look great on all body types and make any woman (and a few men!) look even more womanly.

Stephanie said...

My husband needs absolutely no lingerie to be turned on!! LOL!! He thinks I'm sexy and desirable in absolutely anything, from jeans and sexy dresses, to lounge pants and long sleeve tees. Just recently, i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, still in pajama pants and a shirt. I was leaning over the sink and he came in: "OMG your ass looks so hot. Can I take a picture on my cell phone."

Which doesn't say he woulnd't like lingerie...but for now, he's turned on without it!! LOL!

Em Petrova said...

Thanks for your responses! Loved them!

Janice said...

Ha, my hubby's like that's nice, now take it off so we can have sex.

I had better luck with a spiked dog collar.


Nina Pierce said...

It's not just how sexy I feel when it's on, but how wonderfully beautiful I feel when Mr. Nina is taking it off. ;)

Gracen Miller said...

I'm a sexy bra and panties whore myself. Even though I don't have that perfect figure--more than a little overweight--my hubs still gets aroused with a little bit of lace.

Great post, Em, and thanks so much for joining my site! Loved having you.


Ashley said...

I have a corset and garter belt that attach to it... I want a few more corsets, a camisole and XD yeah, its sexy!