Monday, July 18, 2011


I promised to give away 3 items in honor of reaching 300 likes on my Road to Hell series Facebook fan page. And now we’ve reached 350 likes! I’ve already given away the T-Shirt and poster, now it’s time to give away the final item, Pandora’s Box coffee mug. This is truly one of my favorite items and I hope whoever wins it loves it as much as I do!

This contest is very similar to the last contest where I needed a Hellhound name.  I’m adding a demon to my storyline in Hell’s Phoenix (Road to Hell series book 2). The demon is female (a main character) and she’s a high-level succubus, but a new succubus breed. She’s one of a kind in the demon world. She can feed through sex, can enthrall men by sampling their blood and she can ingest magical powers.  If she consumes too much of another creature’s magical powers, it will kill that creature and make her stronger.  I need a name for her demon breed and succubus isn’t enough to alienate her from the other succubi in the book. Demon hierarchies already in the books and not viable names are Skeletal, Neko, Plague, Citadel, Pyxis, Cardinal, and King and Queen of Hell.

I need something that sounds unique, otherworldly, dangerous, feminine, but also kick-ass sounding. Something that when other demons hear it, will make them either flee or bow at her feet, because not only is she royalty, you wouldn’t want to tick her off. What a challenge, huh? lol That’s where YOU come in. I need name suggestions for my succubus demon. Be creative! I will be picky on this name, much picker than I was with the Hellhounds. With her being a main character, it’s gotta be just right or I won’t even consider it as a possibility. 

Just as when we named the Hellhound, only ONE entry per person. That means ONE name only! So, make sure you suggest your favorite name, and not 40 possible names. Any additional names will be tossed out immediately and not counted.

I will collect names through noon AM CST, July 22nd. At that time, I will choose my 5 favorite names and those names will be plugged into a poll and YOU will vote for the final name. The winner of the contest will receive the mug and I will mention them on the dedication page of Hell’s Phoenix, just like I did with those who suggested the Hellhound’s name. You'll also have the privilege of bragging to all your friends that YOU came up with the name. =D

1. ONE entry per person.

2. Name suggestions will ONLY be taken here. If they’re posted to either of my facebook pages, or by email, they will not count, unless I’ve agreed to accept them in that form. You must contact me first to request sending it to me in that fashion.

3.  Leave your email address or, once again, I will not consider the name. Nothing is more fun than trying to hunt someone down when there isn't an email associated with their blogger I.D. So, please leave an email address where you can be contacted.

4. I have a demon language I’ve created, called Xapil. If you have a name you love, but want to hear what it would sound like in Xapil, then contact me by email and I’ll give it to you. However, it’ll be up to you which name you choose to suggest as the final entry. I reserve the right to alter the name suggested to Xapil in the book, but you will still be given the dedication and bragging rights if I do so.

5. Give me a reason behind the name you pick (if you want). It might make a difference if I pick it as one of the five finalists. A lot of times the meaning of something is why I use it. The human name of the demon King in the book was chosen for its meaning, so I am a “meaning” type of gal.
6. Please ask any questions in the comment section below because chances are if you have questions, someone else has the same question.

7. Most of all BE CREATIVE and have fun!

I can't wait to read your name suggestions!



April said...

I have to say that I love the name Andora for Demon. I don't know why but I just do LOL.

PrincessOfBooks said...

I'm partial to the name Destiny. Its served me well for many years...its unique, fun, and the meaning can be interpreted several ways ;)

Destiny P.

Nicole H. said...

Ok well the most creative name I know is my birth name so I suggest Nicholandria. :)

Nicole H. said...

ooops forgot my email authornicolehicks(at)gmail(dot)com

Gracen Miller said...

April, if you're about, I NEED you to leave me your email address. You're not showing up as having a blogger account at all, so I couldn't even "try" to find your email address.

Thanks for joining in, Destiny!

LOL @ Nicole. You're right, you're name is very unique.

Good luck to you both!



Andie said...

Yeeehaw!! I have to say that i LOVE You!! Finally a story about a kick ass succubus (except my own novel, cause have no idea when will i finish it xD) Yaaay!! Probably i'm gonna thinking about that bloody name all night & day lol

Gracen Miller said...

*huggles Andie* If you're writing about succubus's then you're after my own heart!! I've stuck with the basic sex theme in Pandora's Box with the character, but branching out those basics into more in book two is soooooooo much fun! And you KNOW how important a title is! Looking forward to hearing more about your book.

If you haven't friended me on facebook yet, please do!!


Tich said...

I have to go with Yasmin! My reason?...I just flat out love this name.

Mindy fangedmom said...

YAY Another name contest. The first name to pop in my head is Lynx. I know it is a type of cat but think about it. Sleek, lethal, beautiful, powerful, cant go wrong! I am such a cat person and love animals so a Succubus named Lynx would be PERFECT!!!

Thanks Gracen!



Gracen Miller said...

And this is why I put the question to y'all! Look at all these awesome names!

Good luck Hellhounds!


Tiffany Guillaron said...

I Think the Name Arabelle Artoria is awesome xD that or Raelyn Verna :)

Jennifer Mathis said...

Sinthia Katearie ( Kat- tear -e) is what i came up with

Gracen Miller said...

After reading the new suggested names, I think you all may have misunderstood what I'm looking for. And I had someone send me an email asking this question:

"I had a question about the Name that Succubus Demon contest. The blog post says that your looking for a name of the demon breed, but the entries I see are names. So my question is, are you looking for names for the succubus like a first name...or a name of the class of demon she is?"

I am specifically looking for a name for the TYPE of demon succubus my character is. She is a succubus demon, but there are different classes and I need a name for that class. Like Citadel demons are a class of demons in Hell. I need a name for the class, not a name for the character. She already HAS a name, she is one of the lead characters. will my name sound with the word succubus. So, if you pick "Gracen" as a name, in the book it will be tagged as a "Gracen succubus". Hope that makes sense and helps.

Tiffany and Jennifer, you've both have given me first and middle names. That's not what I need. If you want to pick just ONE of the names you've offered to submit as the name for the "class" of demon that is fine, BUT you have to tell me which one it is. Or you can submit an altogether different name if you prefer.

That goes for anyone here. If you misunderstood what I was looking for, then feel free to post an alternative name, but TELL ME in the post that you are substituting that name for the one you've already suggested.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion!


Gracen Miller said...

TIFFANY GUILLARON, you did not leave me an email address as per the contest rules! And blogger does not recognize you with a blogger ID. PLEASE give me your email address!


Gracen Miller said...

SANDY THERIOT has sent me a FB message and let me know she couldn't get into blogger to leave a comment. So, I have allowed her to send me her suggested name.

~Sandy Theriot offers the name Damionelle.~


Tich said...

okay, I'm giving you a different name since my first wasn't a breed.


Alessandra said...

For this new breed that also consumes magical powers then I will go for the obvious

succubus magus

this is the most easily recognizable Latin translation of the word 'magic'

Good luck with the contest Gracen

Tiffany Guillaron said...

I see woops soo hmmm I think i'm gonna go with Artoria :) An Artoria Succubus I likes!

Jaidis said...

The name I would like to submit is Lasairzarina (pronounced La-SAIR-zah-ree-nuh)

My reasoning is because Lasair is Irish for Flame and well..she is a demon. Zarina comes from the word Czarina which is Russian for Empress so that ties in her royalty status. Plus I think that Lasairzarina is not only a kick-ass breed name for a demon succubus but it is unique and exotic sounding, setting her apart from the other succubi in the novel :)

JaidisShaw at yahoo dot com

Nicole H. said...

since mine was a name and not a breed I'm entering a different one lol
Lyties Demonas is the Lithuanian for Sex demon

Nicole H. said...

and again I forgot to leave my email lmao authornicolehicks(at)gmail(dot)com

Jennifer Mathis said...

oh sorry i got losted i guess humm i'll got with straker

stina6891 said...

Shaytaan which means devil in Arabic. I know she's not a devil, but I thought it sounded pretty cool. :)

Gracen Miller said...

Cherry Crawford cannot get the comment section to post, so she sent me a FB message stating as much. Her suggestion is CHERRYLICIOUS.

Leanne109 said...

You could call her breed Levia- a new breed that has never been seen before.
It's short and kicks serious ass ;)She leaves them behind without lookin back.


PrincessOfBooks said...

I still think Destiny works...Destiny/Fate - the succubus determines their destiny, right? ;) hehe *huggles*

PrincessOfBooks said...

And my email is the same as my first comment... princessofbooks(at)aol(dot)com

Sorry, forgot to add that!

Andie said...

phew... this was a super hard decision cause i had a lot of name, but i think i'm gonna go with AISTRAKIA

"Aistra" means passion in Lithuanian language
"kia" came from the name "Saskia" She was actually a succubus in a PC game and a Tv Show.


thefictionalbookshelf said...

My suggestion in Lipitoare
which is Romanian for Leech. I thought of Leech because Xapil seems to 'suck' the life, energy and powers from others. However leech didn't sound cool so I picked the Romanian translation because Romanians were at one time considered extremely superstitious.


Gracen Miller said...

Salisha Cooper is unable to post to the blog, so I'm posting her entry for her. She's chosen:


Gracen Miller said...

I'm getting some fantastic entries! I'm looking forward to deciding on my favorite five tomorrow and then putting the vote to y'all.

Good luck to everyone!!


Pimpin' Reads said...

Quarinah. In Arabic superstition, the qarînah (قرينه) is a spirit similar to the succubus

Krystal said...

I think Amora is a great name! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

Kelly said...

I've thought long and hard about this one...did some research on my goddesses, vampires and demons and my ideal name would be...
Xtanpai (pronounced staan-pie). This is a mesh of two names..Xtabay, the Mayan Goddess of seduction (she DOES enthrall men right? lol) and Banpai (which means vampire in Japanese). I figured the vampire would cover her consumption of the blood AND the magical powers but the Goddess part of it would put her above the others and make her unique and someone to be feared and respected. This Goddess part would also enable her to evolve and gain power.
Thank Gracen! This one was a LOT of fun to play with!!

Gracen Miller said...

Contest has ENDED. Any names submitted after this post will be eliminated. I will post my fav 5s later and begin the vote.

Good luck to everyone and thanks to everyone that participated!


Pimpin' Reads said...

sometimes i think i am losing my mind
jokestner at yahoo dot com