Saturday, July 16, 2011


Micah drove an antsy Madison to her home. The sun blazed long tendrils of orange and red along the skyline with the oncoming sunset. The red Mazda she said had been parked in the driveway was gone. It was rather brazen of Celeste to have her lovers park their car so noticeably anyway.

“I’ll walk you to the door,” Micah said as he parked his black Porsche curbside in front of her house.

“I’m good.”

He wrapped his fingers around her arm, and waited for her to look at him before he spoke. “I’m walking you to the door. No arguments.” It was the gentleman thing to do. He would think she’d appreciate the gesture.

She nodded in agreement and squeezed his hand. “What will I say to Momma?”

“Nothing. Go straight to your bedroom and start on homework.”

“I don’t have any homework.” Madison tapped her temple. “Photographic memory. No joke.”

Beautiful and intelligent, his wet dream.

“Pretend, kitten.” A half grin hit his lips before he could stop it and he winked. “It’s a little different than lying, so you should be able to manage it.”

Madison offered up a small smile and nodded.

Micah opened his car door, got out and strode around to open hers. Madison stared at the house as she stood, biting on her bottom lip. He wished he could help her nibble on it. When she peeked at him, anxiety stark in her over-bright eyes, he realized she had no idea how she affected him. Watching her discover her sexuality would be a strain on his restraint, but he anticipated the adventure.

He reached in and plucked her backpack and purse off the passenger floor. She took them and inhaled deeply. “Let’s do this.”

“You’re not meeting the executioner, Madison,” he said as they approached the front door.

“I’m afraid of what she’ll say if she corners me.”

Too bad he couldn’t alleviate her worry and tell her he’d have the situation in hand shortly. He said nothing instead.

Before she opened the door, he stopped her. “Promise to call me if you need me?”

Madison nodded. “Okay.”

“This call didn’t count as the one you promised earlier.” He chucked her beneath the chin. “I’m still planning on having our captivating conversation.”

A hesitant smile touched her lips. “I’m still looking forward to telling you I told you so when you’re bored to tears.”

“Sorry to disappoint, kitten, but that isn’t going to happen especially now that I know along with that sassy mouth you’ve got brains too. A photographic memory—Mmmm—that’ll make for riveting conversation.”

“You don’t think it’s intimidating?”

If he were less of a man with a self-ego problem, he might. “No.”

“You’re weird, you know that?”

Micah ran his hand across his jaw. “I’ve been called many things, but weird isn’t one of them. It’s definitely the nicest though.” 

She shook her head and opened the door. He watched as she disappeared inside. The door closed and he stepped down the stairs. Over his shoulder he glimpsed the house, an older home, maybe twenty years, but very well-kept, and in an older section of town. The lawn was well tended and the bushes sheared evenly. He bet inside the home was overly tidy too.

As he walked toward his vehicle, he pulled out his cell phone. He tapped out a text message and hit send. Rounding the backside of the car, he tucked the phone in his breast pocket and glanced at the house. A single light came on upstairs. Madison’s bedroom. He’d bet his station in life on it.

He slid into the leather seat, cranked the car and shifted into gear. Time to take care of personal business.


Madison scrambled up the stairs to her bedroom, thankful she didn’t cross Momma’s path along the way. Locking her door behind her, she tossed her book bag and purse on the floor near her desk and collapsed on the bed with a loud sigh. She stared at the ceiling. Micah Dominus. Every nerve ending in her body screeched he was trouble, but…I kind of don’t care.

That was bad news for her because Micah Dominus enjoyed getting his way too much. No man should be so spoiled. He wanted only friendship. She wasn’t sure she could remain emotionally uninvolved. Especially not after today. No one else had ever been there for her the way he had, not Momma and definitely not Daddy. Time would be the judge, because after today, there was no way she wouldn’t make that phone call he wanted. And if he wanted to see her again, she held no doubt she would agree.

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Brea Essex said...

Glad she managed to avoid her Momma. I can't wait for her to call him! And I want to see her Daddy's reaction when he finds out what Celeste has been doing . . . or does he already know?

Tich said...

Love the turn out here! I am looking forward to her next encounter with Micah, and her parents turn of events.

Kelly said...

Looking forward to that phone call myself! Loved it and can't wait for the next one ;)

Gracen Miller said...

Glad y'all enjoyed it since I thought this was a boring scene. lol Some scenes I adore writing and others are just filler scenes to get from point A to point B.


Mindy fangedmom said...

Trying to comment again...only you Gracen can make someone going in to face the wrath of their mom exciting!!! EEEEEP Cant wait till the next one!!

Gracen Miller said...

*giggles evilly* I cannot WAIT to post the next one. It's killing me and I mean K-I-L-L-I-N-G me! All you Micah lovers...I cannot wait to see what you think. *evil grin* I keep reminding myself: Moderation, Gracen. Give them the life lessons to them in moderation. ;-)


Nicole H. said...

Ok you know we are going to gang up on you if you don't keep them coming quickly right? Cause I'm ready to right now woman! this isn't fair damn it!

Andie said...

Damn, i could use that Photographic memory too.. xD Mazda, Porsche.. can i get an Audi please??!!! :D
I Love how can he cheers me up too..

Kristina's Books & More said...

Finally catching up. *hangs head in shame* Sorry it took me so long, Mama! It was fantastic though! Love me some Micah! ;)

rhonda said...

How could you not agree to see the lovely Micah? I love the lessons!