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Deena Remiel ~ Devil Du Jour

The Book Waitress Series Pays Homage to All Things Creepy

Welcome to the Blog Tour for DEVIL DU JOUR, Book 2 in the Book Waitress Series. I thought I’d talk today about where my inspiration came from for this series and what creeps me out. Since childhood, I’ve had a love affair with Saturday afternoon sci-fi and horror movies shown on TV. I’m talking about the ones with Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and their contemporaries. I’m talking about those infamous Japanese movies with Godzilla and assorted monsters, and the American movies that replaced our bodies with aliens.

As the years went by, I continued to watch and added more genres to my repertoire. TV started showing series that reached into the fantasy realm and has never looked back. From Beauty and the Beast to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, TV sucked me into the very world I loved to dream about.

And so a seed was planted and The Book Waitress Series was born. It’s a 13-part novella series, like on TV, that takes us on a thrill ride to a world where Hell’s portal has opened and all manner of creature is crossing over. An unsuspecting librarian and an investigative reporter are the only hope to close the portal and keep Satan from destroying all we hold dear.

It’s pretty darn creepy, this series. So how do I do it? I take what creeps me out and use it! Nothing gives me the “willies” more than when a psychopath talks of torture the same way one would talk about how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I also get chills to see humans snap so easily and swayed to behave in dark, evil ways.

As in all the movies I’ve watched, there is hope, there is a light, and Good always wins in the end. Well, I write that way, too. There will be small victories and larger setbacks, but in the end, when the series is over, there will be a happy ending for someone.

Blurb for Devil Du Jour:

The Book Waitress, Camille Dutton, has luck on her side. Good and bad. On the upside, she narrowly escaped death and Satan claiming her soul. On the downside, a portal has been opened, and she can feel every time a creature from Hell crosses over to our world.

Derek Galloway is one tenacious man. His curious nature won’t let him rest until he closes Hell’s portal and finds a cure for Camille’s affliction. Satan will have one helluva fight on his hands if he tries to claim her again.

Camille and Derek, an unlikely couple, have found each other in the darkest of times. Will they find the answers they need to free her and the world from Satan’s grip? Or are they in for the longest, darkest battle of their lives?

Excerpt for Devil Du Jour:

Evil had done a real number on her in her sleep. She had to somehow push him out of her mind. Useless facts! She could try using all those facts she stored up for no good reason, but helped her in socially awkward situations. Maybe if she thought about them, she could squeeze the darkness out.
“Did you know good means morally excellent, virtuous, and righteous?” She sniffed and wiped her wet eyes with the hem of her t-shirt. Dragging her fingers through her thick mane, she removed the tumbling mess from her face and did her best to tame the reckless locks of hair.
“No I didn’t.” He extended his hand again, and this time she took it.
“It also means honorable and worthy.”
“Both of which you are.”
She inched out of the corner, ever closer, and kneeled before him, suddenly sensing his physical need of her, his concern, and affection. How could she deny her own longing and desire for him?
“Show me, Derek.” Her breath hitched. “Show me what Satan refuses me— the truth.”
He rose to meet her in the center of the living room floor, the pair on their knees, like two souls praying and worshipping each other. Butterflies flitted joyfully in her belly, replacing the hurt of earlier, painful times. Her chin trembled with anticipation as he brought his lips to rest upon hers for the most gentle of kisses she believed had ever been given or received.
“I’m worthy, I’m worthy….” she murmured over and over as he kissed her branded eyelids and chased with feather-light kisses a single tear that had escaped to run down her cheek. He blazed another trail along her throat, down to the sweet spot between her breasts, and she enveloped him in her arms, cherishing the gentle restraint he displayed, appreciating how hard it must be for him to contain his full desires. Even she held back a little, wounds still smarting under the bandages.
But she couldn’t deny herself the glory of seeing what lay hidden under his shirt, and pushed him away to peel the thin material off in a burst of primal wanting. A godlike present had lain underneath. Smooth, sculpted arms, chest and abdomen seemed to beg for her hands to touch, and she willingly obeyed. Groaning, his eyes fluttered closed as she explored each hill with her lips and every valley with the tip of her tongue. He tasted of sunlight and all that was good and honest. Like a man. A virile man to whom she would have to show her entire body.
She froze, frightened by her urgent need and limitations.
He opened his eyes and when they met hers, they were filled with understanding. He caressed her cheek and whispered, “Camille, my beautiful flower, whatever you need, whatever you want, just tell me.”
He waited patiently for her to find her voice. “I…I don’t want you to see my body. Not like this.”
“Love-making can take many forms, sweetheart. Take me to your bed, Cam. I’ll show you.”

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