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Christmas Wishes Blog Hop!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Portal to Hell
By Madison Wescott
Heroine in the Road to Hell series

Madison watched the demon trapped in the Demon Lock. It’d spent twenty minutes threatening to rip her apart and play in her intestines. He obviously didn’t have the Christmas spirit. In silence, she’d waited for him to wear himself out. Waited for him to realize none of his threats cowed her.

Being raised by a Baptist preacher, Madison knew all the Biblical tales of demonic possession. Spoon fed scriptures since her birth, the reality was worse than her father ever preached. More extreme.

There had been a time she believed God an imaginary means to manipulate her father’s “flock” into stuffing the offering plate on Sunday morning, in a desperate bid to seek atonement for their sins. The truth had bit her in the ass.

Saliva dripped from the lip of the demon’s stolen body. A young, good-looking, brunette male, somewhere between eighteen and twenty. He flattened his palms on the invisible shield.

“Release me or I’ll carve out your liver and eat it.” His voice had grown hoarse from his useless rants.

Madison laughed. Good luck with that. She wouldn’t rise to the taunt. Gazing about their rural locale, the moon cut shadows through the thick clouds. She dug a pack of gum out of her pocket and slowly unwrapped the thin strip from the foil.

“Merry Christmas,” she said and flicked him a piece of gum. The demon gawked at the rectangular silver stick on the ground at his feet. She bet her lack of fear confused him. Fabulous. Bewildered was the only way to maintain the upper edge with one of their ilk. “I want the spell to create a portal to Hell.”

She needed that spell to get Nix Birmingham out of Hell. Christmas was tomorrow and it rankled that he remained in Hell instead of celebrating the festivities with his family.

As she folded the foil into an itty-bitty square, she cut her eyes at him and tucked the paper back in her pocket. The hell spawn watched her movements with a frown slashing across his forehead.

“A portal to Hell?” He kicked dirt on the gum at his feet and Madison bit the inside of her mouth to keep from laughing.

“Yep.” She smacked her gum.

“You into something kinky?” A weird sounding rumble emerged from his throat. “Pain turn you on, because that’s all you’ll get in Hell?”

Shifting her stance, she faced him, giving him her undivided focus. “The spell now. Or I shift into easy mode.” Madison retrieved the blade she’d wedged at the small of her back. She’d dominate him with a demonic command if she hadn’t been warned it’d reveal her position.  

“No one ever wants to enter Hell.” He took a step backward and peered about the darkened glade. The trees to their right rustled from the slight breeze. He fidgeted as if something nefarious waited along the tree line to drag him back into the fiery domain. “Why do you want to enter Hell?”

“Personal business.” The creature watched her roll the blade along her fingers; a subtle hint at how deftly she manipulated the weapon.

“You’re crazy, lady.”

“I’m Micah’s wife.” His gaze flashed to hers and his jaw dropped. Fear lanced across his expression. “Now…I’m gonna need that spell.”

He couldn’t talk fast enough. The right provocation had every demon spewing the details she wanted.

Madison grinned. “Merry Christmas to me.”

Find out more about Madison and why she needs a portal to Hell when you open Pandora’s Box, Book One of the Road to Hell series. Out now from Decadent Publishing. Click HERE to read the first 3 chapters of Pandora’s Box or HERE to read the first 3 chapters to Madison’s Life Lessons (the prequel to Pandora’s Box).

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Road to Hell series by book...

"Pandora's Box"
Book 1 in ROAD TO HELL series
(Must be read before reading Hell's Phoenix -- you will be confused otherwise)
Where does the road to Hell begin?

 What happens when your son turns homicidal overnight and your husband disappears on his way to work? Do you cower in fear or fight for your life? Madison Wescott fights against the odds. Distrustful of a God she doesn’t believe in, she finds herself face-to-face with a world she didn’t know existed and discovers her own soul is darkened with demonic connections.

With good intentions? Or by demonic design?

Phoenix Birmingham bursts into Madison’s life in a whirlwind of sarcasm and sexual appeal. A hero for the masses—and for her jaded heart—but few will ever know the sacrifices he has made or the sacrifices to come. Discovering her entire life has been influenced by multifaceted paranormal beings, Madison is determined to defeat the apocalyptic blueprint fate has decreed, but only one man dares to challenge the supernatural forces manipulating them. Even with Phoenix’s aid, can destiny be denied? Or will demonic design prevail while they pay the crucial price with their souls? 

In a small, sleepy Alabama town the battle for mankind’s liberty has begun...

Pandora’s Box Excerpt:

“May I?” He held up the medical supplies.
She nodded and watched as he doused gauze with antiseptic. “Dr. Nix at your service,” he said with a grin, two adorable dimples charming her where words failed.
Madison rolled her eyes, and tipped her head to the side to give him better access. He brushed her hair off her neck, back behind her shoulder. Such a simple gesture, yet it felt terribly personal. The air grew thick and sticky with her awareness of him. She shifted in her seat and crossed her legs.
Madison stared into his eyes. Green, she thought, his eyes were green, gorgeous and intense, with ridiculously long eyelashes women would fantasize about. If they didn’t, they should. A flicker of compassion, concern, and something else she couldn’t identify flashed in his eyes.
“Ready?” he asked.
The husky tenor of his voice forced her gaze to shift to his mouth. Nice, sexy lips, designed for kissing. She gave a mental shake but couldn’t resist wondering how his mouth would feel on hers.
“Madison?” Humor deepened his voice, a touch of a smile tilted the edges of the lips she’d been fantasizing about, and she realized she still stared at them. “You ready?” he asked again, and her eyes widened in embarrassment over her foolish stupor.
She swallowed hard. “Yeah.” She whispered past the lump in her throat and forced her vision to lock on the wall over his shoulder. Good God, what was wrong with her? Her pulse throbbed like crazy, and she felt woozy. Loss of blood! Must be why she reacted that way. No other explanation made sense.
Even though the antiseptic stung like hell, the gentle touch coming from such a gruff man surprised her. “It’s not bad,” he said, dabbing the blood away. “Just a nick.”
Well, she could nix the blood loss theory. Exhaustion and stress were the only other excuses she could come up with. “I’ve suffered worse.” Her voice sounded off, kind of hoarse. She tried to clear her throat delicately, but he must have noticed her unease, because his perceptive eyes met hers. Again, she thought she caught the edge of concern reflected in their green depths.
“This isn’t the first time he’s attacked you?”
“No. It’s the first time he’s tried to seriously kill me, though.” She sighed as she closed her eyes, ready to give up fighting, the sudden tears threatening to fall. Okay, woozy and acting strange because of strain…not because of him. Seriously, as far as first impressions went, she wasn’t impressed.

"Hell's Phoenix"
Book 2 in ROAD TO HELL series 
(Pandora's Box must be read first -- you will be confused otherwise)

Hell’s become more than just a playground for the wicked…

Going to Hell was supposed to save Madison, but knowing she’s dead because of his failure leaves Nix with only one thing to live for. Revenge. With Micah’s help he learns to use his Messianic power. Anything for Mads has become his mantra, even if it means killing innocents to gather the power he needs to succeed. A tsunami he unleashes on a Gulf Coast city is stopped with magical interference, and Nix is more than surprised to feel Madison in the opposing magic. Can he and Micah set a trap to lure her out?

Pandora’s Box…once you open it, there’s no turning back!

Madison has done the unthinkable, opened Pandora’s Box to save Nix from Hell. And failed. She’s willing to risk her own life to rescue Nix, but she worries about the welfare of her accomplice in the mission and leaving her son behind. Following up on a lead, she’s ambushed by Nix and Micah. Shocked and hurt to discover Nix has become a willing participant of Hell, she’s more certain than ever she won’t escape the demonic fate her husband outlined for her. While in Hell, she discovers denying the emergence of her succubus is futile, which means getting Nix out of Hell after embracing her inner demon just became a very real dilemma…

Hell’s Phoenix Excerpt:

“You’ll heal her promptly,” Micah growled, shifting back into his human persona, as he offered his legs as a pillow for her head. She’d have pushed him away if she could’ve managed to contort her body to that angle.
Madison gaped at the blood darkening her jeans and spreading down her thigh. “That hurts way worse than I thought being shot would.”
“I need to get your pants off, Mads, to heal you.” Nix’s fingers went to the snap of her jeans.
She knocked his hands away. “You’ll heal the others first.”
“He shot the main artery in your thigh, Madison. You’ll bleed out before he finishes with them.” Micah compressed his lips together and spoke as if he ground his teeth together. “I’ve lost you twice. I will not lose you again.”
“Death would at least grant me freedom from you!”
Micah’s mouth flattened in displeasure. “Phoenix, I would ask you to do as she requests.”
“Goddamnit, Mads, I swear I’ll heal them immediately after I take care of you.”
Madison glared at Nix. “E kawoja ciok tauqelv.” I refuse your healing. Nix spewed curses in Xapil. “Impressive, you’ve learned how to curse in demon.”
Nix scowled. “Stubborn.”
Madison clenched her teeth in silent mutiny. Nix cupped the back of her head, tugged slightly and kissed her hard on the lips. Excitement zinged through her system. Her attraction to him always presented itself at the most inappropriate moments.
“I find that stubborn trait sexy, baby.”
“Flattery gets you nowhere, Nix.” She winced at the tug against her wounded flesh as he rested her against Micah’s thighs.
“What does?” Nix jerked the hem of one pant leg up and tugged the blade strapped to her ankle out of its harness.
“Good deeds.”
He brandished the knife he’d given her for her thirtieth birthday and grinned. “Does healing them count?”
Nix rolled to his feet and leveled her with his stare. “You’re a hard woman to please.”
“Cease the flirtations with my wife.” Micah’s grip on her shoulders intensified. “Heal those bottom-feeders, and then heal her.”

Coming December 18th!!

"Genesis Queen"
Book 3 in ROAD TO HELL series 
(Pandora's Box and Hell's Phoenix must be read first--you will be confused otherwise)
Coming Soon to Decadent Publishing and online e-book stores

Victory is hollow when fate maneuvers one as a pawn.

Madison’s mission is complete. Nix is rescued from Hell and her son safe from his dark destiny. But in the safe harbor of Nix’s love, her demonic husband warns of a murderous plot. Can she trust that it’s the truth and not another scheme to claim her for Hell’s throne?

Sometimes internal struggles can house our biggest demons.

With allies divided and prophecy heralding defeat, Madison gambles on Micah’s tenuous honor to keep their son protected. Torn between her heart’s desires and her dark requirements, Madison worries her hellish fate cannot be avoided. When betrayal comes from an unlikely direction, all their futures may be damned. In the darkest hour of Madison’s life, an undeniable providence will transpire. Who can she trust? And how far will she fall to defeat her foes?

Amid the rubble of defeat will Hell’s Genesis Queen dawn?


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