Monday, August 8, 2011


Warning:  This scene contains violence and/or graphic language that some may find offensive. Please read with caution.

Micah sighed when his phone rang. Not in the mood to be disturbed, he lunged across his bed and snagged it off the hook. Caller I.D. showed the number listed to Bruce Wescott. Still anticipating Madison’s phone call, he hoped it was her. Far from in the mood to deal with Celeste or Bruce, he pressed the talk button as he put the handheld to his ear. “Hello.”

A creak of springs on the other end as if the caller sat up quickly. Maybe surprised I answered?


Madison. Her voice lulled him into a harmonious mood, even if she did sound a trifle hesitant.
After he’d championed her, it was amusing to think she’d be nervous. But frustrating if she worried over his welcome.

“Evening, kitten. How’s your day been?”

“Are you busy?”

Never too busy for you.

“No. Flipping channels on the television.” He didn’t even own a T.V.

“Mmkay.” He imagined her twirling a lock of hair between her fingers. Too bad his fingers weren’t sifting through the glorious tresses or skimming her soft flesh. “My day’s been okay. I’m sure yours was exciting.” Her voice dropped a tad lower, impish sounding. Adorable.

“My day was—” Memorable. Spectacular watching Celeste brought low. Gratifying seeing Bruce receive his comeuppance behind prison bars. “—uneventful. I’m sorry about Bruce.” A shuffling sound made him think she shrugged, but she offered no response. “I’ll get it worked out satisfactorily.”

“Momma trusts you.”

“Do you?”

He imagined she smiled. He hoped she did.

“Not decided yet.” He pictured her quirking her lips with contemplation. “But on Daddy’s defense, yeah, no reason not to trust you.”

At least she was playing it straight with him. There’d be plenty of time to earn her total trust. “So, tell me about your photographic memory.”

“Boring, Mr. Dominus.”


“I was teasing, Micah.” He could hear the grin in her voice, her southern drawl growing pronounced. “But not about the boring part. A serious yawner there. Shove a book under my nose and I don’t forget anything in it. Can recount it word-for-word.” Madison made a huffy noise. “Did I mention B-O-R-I-N-G?” He grinned; charmed by her show of petulance, even if he guessed she was putting on. “And you promised to explain the old soul comment. Remember? It’s the only reason I agreed to call you. If you’d prefer to disconnect now…?”

“You’re attempting to railroad me.” Micah chuckled. He’d never had anyone attempt to bulldoze him outside of the courtroom before. “Terribly cute.”

“I’m cuter when my questions are getting answered.”

Mercy! He couldn’t compete with a flirtatious Madison.

Was she grinning when she said that? Or straight-faced? Did her eyes sparkle? He wished he knew. Madison Wescott posed a very real danger to his dominate nature, the need to relent without a fuss grew way too preponderate, and became a physical ache in his teeth. A woman that could bamboozle him should frighten him, but didn’t! Refreshing to know she could wrap him around her finger with little effort.

“Very well, I’ll concede victory to you, kitten.”

She laughed and he fell speechless, imagining all sorts of wicked things he could do to make her laugh more often. “You’re being too easy, Micah.”

Imp! “Would you be content if I quarreled with you?”

“Hmmm….” He predicted she tapped her chin.

“I’m sure I’d win, being a rock-star defense attorney.”

She snorted, but he could hear the merriment in the charming noise. “Unfair advantage, that’s cheating.”

Damnation, her voice dropped a notch. Sexy. Sensual on a fifteen year old could become lethal in five years when she was a full-blown woman. “Very well,” he began. “Tell me word-for-word Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of bilingual.”

“Imagine me hanging up if I don’t get my way, counselor,” she countered.

Micah burst out laughing. “You’ll be dangerous when you get older.”

“Doubtful. FYI, compliments do not earn you brownie points, so start talking.”

“I’m not a voodooist or whatever you called it yesterday.” The religion to command them all was perched on the cusp of dominance. “There are souls so old they predate creation.”

The creaking of bedsprings indicated she shifted. The very idea she reclined where she slept spawned more fantasies than Hell had demons.

“And I have one of them?” She sounded as if she believed that as much as she believed Christ wasn’t the sole son of God.


“You would know this how?” The inflection in her voice clear evidence of her skepticism.

“It’s complicated.”

“Sure it is.”

“Short story, I have a few—” A lot actually. “—relations involved in mysticism.”

Riiight,” she drawled. Could she do anything that failed to charm him? At this point, he doubted it. “Nothing weird about that. Or Satanic.”

She’d be surprised by Satan’s true agenda, but he held his tongue. Confessing that would succeed in pushing her away. “I told you I wouldn’t be bored by our conversation.”

“It’s not over yet, just getting started.”

Madison was right about that. The first among many conversations, this one just marked the beginning of what would become a legendary relationship.

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Tich said...

Hum...can I keep him?

Kelly said...

I could almost hear the sizzle! Loved it!!! <3

rhonda said...

lol, spicey indeed! Thanks for teasing us ;)

Andie said...

What can I say? I wouldn’t be bored by their conversation either :))
I really liked it! She's playing this "game" very well ;)

Mindy fangedmom said...

OH LAWD to have that man on the phone at 15...*wipes sweat off brow* Gracen...I am so ready for August 19th i could spontaniously combust!!!! (should I mention I married a man 11 years older than me...hehe)!!

Jennifer S said...

UGH!!! Is it the 19th yet!?!?! I am DYING over here!

Kristina's Books & More said...

Legendary relationship? I'll bet. ;) I wants him! I adore the way he calls Mads kitten! *sigh* Only 4 days until PB!!! Eek! :D