Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Long Journey to Sincerity by Jason Ellis

The Long Journey to Sincerity; The story of Elana Mayne #1. Dystopian YA. Reader age 12+

Silence followed for half a minute, although it felt a lot longer for Elana. She could hear the thumping heart in her chest as the seconds ticked by and sense the visored eyes all pointing at her.
You may leave, Elana Mayne,” said the guard as he handed back her ID.
With no further words, or hint of an explanation, the group of Community Guards marched off through the corridors of the college library.
Elana was physically and mentally shaken, yet accepting of the situation too. After all, this was normality. The decisions and actions of the Government, and its various departments, were not to be questioned. 'Know that we are always working for you. We make the decisions, so you don't have to. We make the laws, so you are always safe. Trust our judgement.'

A future not so far away … the world changed after the virus. It spread across the globe at a cruel speed, cutting through the population with no remorse.
Every aspect of life transformed; the balance of power, law, education … the very core of society itself became moulded by the new global power - they control everything; Central Government.

Sixteen year old Elana Mayne overhears a secret conversation and witnesses a terrible crime. Her world crumbles afterwards and she is lost, surrounded by lies … changed forever. Can she learn to trust again? Can she fight the regime that betrayed and so easily abandoned her? Is she capable of revenge?

Author bio: (Matches with Goodreads bio)

I started writing in approximately 1997(ish) with an idea that was in my head ... it's still there, maybe one day I'll finish it.
Anyway, true story, I started off with a trilogy(sci-fi) after I drew an illustration on my PC. You see, there had to be a reason for the picture - what was happening? What had made this scene happen?
Like I say, a trilogy followed, from one picture ... it'll be re-published one day after I've laughed at my early writing. Others followed, some I've taken out of print to edit and republish(like the sci-fi trilogy mentioned above), others may never see print again(or Kindle), but I doubt I'll ever let that happen :)
            At present, I'm working on many new books. We have the Amelia Maylock series(Kids/ teen fantasy), the brand new Holly Silverstone books(Kids/ teen gothic fantasy), The Danny Monroe books(illustrated teen horror), some supernatural/ horror as well(Breed of Love to name one title), and dystopian YA with 'The Long Journey to Sincerity'; Elana Mayne #1 ... wow, I am busy!!

            I live in the UK - this means I drink tea and enjoy one day in every year where the weather is great.
I'm engaged, have 3 amazing kids, and spend practically my entire time writing, thinking about writing, networking on the internet with other authors/ readers ... but I'm a sucka for Lego games on the Wii; Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones etc ... they are too much fun!!
I do play the family games but the kids are getting better so once they start beating me at bowling or golf, I'll need an excuse not to play ;)

I try to make all my swag because I like the 'personal' touch. I make bookmarks, keyrings, put my covers on tote bags etc … it's fun :)


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