Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spooktacular Halloween Blog Hop

What's a Halloween without a haunted house? 

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We all can relate to the idea because many of us have grown up with stories of haunted houses, college dormitories and other areas. The city I grew up in had a local legend about a bridge. If one went to it at night, the ghosts of those that had driven off the bridge would haunt the place. Personally, I went necking down there with my boyfriend and I didn’t see anything. Nope, nothing! So much for a legend, huh? Or maybe I was too consumed with kissing the boyfriend to notice any ghosts had they been haunting the place. =)

The term “haunted houses” does bring to mind my other personal experiences, though. I grew up in a house that, while not necessarily haunted, it had a spirit of some sort living with us in perfect harmony. A lot of times I often felt protected and loved by that spirit.

My father’s house contains the spirit of what I believe to be my great-grandfather—he died in the home when I was five from a heart attack. This particular spirit showed itself to me on more than one occasion. Each time it was the outline of a person wearing a white T-shirt and nothing else. The first time I saw this, it was crouched down near the back corner of my father’s house at dusk. It stood and walked toward me as I went for the front door because I thought it was a stranger. When I got to the front door and looked back, the apparition stood at the bottom of the stairs—only the T-shirt could be seen, nothing else. That close up, it was still daylight enough that I would’ve been able to see the body and not just the T-shirt. This same similar incident happened more than once. I even pointed it out to my step-mother once when she was outside with me and she saw nothing, even though I could clearly see the apparition. This same spirit would make noises to keep me awake at night—like someone was raking leaves in the backyard or rocking in a rocking chair. I always hated staying with my father because the entity gave off intense, vile and aggressive emotions. Whatever is there never liked me and wanted me gone. Since my father never saw or felt anything, he chalked my experiences up to my imagination. But I have two great-aunts that were the daughters of my great-grandfather who both had similar experiences as I did. I know what I saw on all those occasions was not my imagination.

Another “haunted” experience was with a girlfriend of mine. I’ll call her Nicole. She bought a home with her husband and it is a beautiful piece of property, twenty-five acres, with an older fixer-up home. The home was so old it had a well built on the corner of the front porch. It was cool, a neat little piece of history with the way things once were done. I can’t even imagine having to draw my water out of it just to meet the basic necessary needs. But after having kids I see the danger in it, too. The place had oodles of potential and best of all it was away from the big city. It was so quiet and peaceful. God’s country as us Southerners would call it.

My first visit there, I came home telling my husband the place had a ghost. Everywhere I went, I felt like someone watched me. There was no hostility, but more like a sense of curiosity. The only time I could truly get away from feeling like someone watched us when we would ride the four-wheelers across the back part of the property and woods.

When I attended a Halloween party a couple of months later, Nicole told me then that she’d purchased the home from an Estate after the previous owner, an elderly woman, had passed away in it. It was my light-bulb-V8-moment when I knew the identity of those hidden eyes. Another weekend I was there goofing off with Nicole and her mother, Jill, when Jill started talking about her conversations with the spirit of the woman who once owned the house! I got chills!! To have my feelings and thoughts confirmed was exciting because until then, I’d never met anyone who openly talked about the ability to see spirits. I went home that night and told my husband, “I told you so!” His reply was that I wasn’t the only crazy person in the world. ;-)

This isn’t my only experience with spirits. I’ve interacted with them a lot over my life. Sometimes I feel like I have a revolving door to me, and not my house. This past November, a friend’s mother wouldn’t leave me alone. I finally had a moment where I said “fine”, picked up the phone to relay to my friend, Melissa, the message her mother wanted her to have. That was all it took for her mother to pull away and leave me alone. Peace at last! 

Spirits do exist. At least in my world they do. I’ve had one too many experiences to not believe in them. 

Have you experienced a haunting of some sort? Do you see or talk to spirits? Ever been to a "real" haunted house? If so, I'd love to hear your experiences. If not and you think I'm crazy, well you won't be the first to believe that either.

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