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Warning:  This scene contains content that many will find offensive. There is graphic violence committed against a child. There is also rape perpetrated against a mother in front of her child. Please read with extreme caution and only if you’re 18 years of age or older.

Nix skidded to a halt in the kitchen entrance. A tall dark haired man had Momma immobilized by the throat. A petite blonde woman restrained Daddy on the floor, straddling his pelvis. Blonde-girl wielded a knife, carving gouges of flesh off his father. She giggled while his dad moaned in pain. Somehow she’d pinned him to the floor because he didn’t struggle and he easily outweighed her by a hundred pounds. But Nix saw no restraints.

She slashed an inverted cross on his chest, saying something so low Nix couldn’t hear it. The wound began to smolder with a rust-colored tendrils of smoke and Daddy screamed, thrashing, but…not moving.

“You’re making me wet with all that girly-shrieking.” Psycho-chick rocked her pelvis against his dad.

“I do not fear you or your demonic friend.” His daddy’s voice had grown gruff, like he talked through immense agony. And they were bold words with a knife sketching wounds across his chest and Momma in danger, too.

“You will, Luke.” She tapped his cheek. “If you’re lucky, I’ll make you my personal pet in Hell.”

“Jesus Christ is my savior.” He spit in her face. She flinched, but coolly wiped the spittle away. “I’ll see the streets of gold today, not your dark abyss of horrors.”

Nix slapped his hand over his mouth, shocked by Daddy’s bravery.

“You’ll renounce Him if you wish to save your wife, Jaclyn.” The evil girl circled her hips against his father’s crotch. “You’re growing hard, papa bear. Wonder what your savior would say about that.”

“Not even for her will I renounce Him. And you lie, I am not aroused by you, you demon spawn.”

“We’ll see….” She trailed the tip of the blade along his skin.

Daddy began to recite Psalms 23, Verse 4. “Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me…”

Her eyes turned murderous and her lips tightened until they turned white. A quick flick of her hand and the blade slashed his cheek open to the corner of his mouth. “Keep it up, Luke Birmingham, and I’ll make you suffer more.”

How can she enjoy hurting him like that? And she did, that was obvious.

Wicked people only existed in horror movies or books. Was he dreaming? God please let this be a nightmare.

The darkman holding Momma had his back to him watching the psycho-chick terrorize his daddy. Deciding the darkman would be the best one to go for first, Nix elevated his bat and crept into the kitchen. Blonde-bitch rammed the foot long knife into Daddy’s shoulder and his father bellowed.

“Such sweet music.” She licked the gash on his daddy’s face.

His daddy’s pain was too much. Nix screamed as he swung at her head. She leapt to her feet and caught the wood in her palm. Her toothy grin made him shiver. Her eyes were unnatural, twisting with shades of violet and baby blue.

Dream! Had to be a dream. But…

The metallic tang of blood smelled so real. Nix pinched his arm hard and grimaced at the sting.

Reality. Tears stung his eyes and burned his sinuses, but he wouldn’t cry in front of these evil people.

She stared at him with a malevolent grin on her lips. The gleam in her over-bright eyes terrified him with their inhumaneness. If not a nightmare, they made no sense. Contacts couldn’t do that! “Look what else the screaming brought us to play with, uncle.”

Darkman chuckled. “An unexpected treat, indeed.”

“Run…Nix!” He ignored Momma’s breathy plea, but caught sight of Daddy trying to get up. The knife must have been buried in the floor because each move spurted more blood.

“Don’t you harm him!” Daddy jerked against the blade, but for all his efforts, his freedom never came.

None of them would survive if he failed to swallow his fear and do something. Spurred by the sight of blood everywhere. The red substance coated the floor, cabinets and countertops. There seemed to be too much of it.

Nix jerked the bat out of the girl’s grasp and went for her again. He swung and met air.

She moved fast! Much too fast!

He jabbed and swung, following her around the kitchen, slipping twice on the blood. Grunting with each swing, he kept going for her head after every miss until he was so out of breath blackness flickered about the edges of his vision.

“The tot’s got murder in his eyes.” Her taunt corroborated she toyed with him.

“So I see.” The darkman restraining Momma said mildly.

“Stop touching her!” Daddy bellowed and Nix spared a glance in the darkman’s direction.

The evil man squeezed Momma’s breast and grinned at Nix.

“He’d make a good little demon boy.” Psycho-chick pounced forward, Nix scrambled backward and fell over a chair. A wide grin curled her lips as she waited for him to regain his footing.

“Leave our boy alone!” Tears were in his father’s voice.

Nix hadn’t known someone so beautiful could be so ugly. Standing on shaky legs, he peered about in search of a knife or something lethal that he could throw at her.

She made a ‘come here’ motion with her hand. “It’ll be fun turning you into our little bitch-toy, punk.”

“I’ll do anything you want,” his daddy said, defeat evident in his shaky tone. “Even renounce my…savior.”

“No, Luke!” The desperation in Momma’s voice frightened Nix even more. If his parents were talking like this, then they believed there was no hope and were prepared to die.

Frustrated by his failure, Nix was determined to get psycho-chick this time. He swung so hard he spun around. She kicked him in his lower back, hard enough he cried out with the pain and went to his knees. She yanked the bat out of his hand and half a second later she warp-sped to stand in front of him. A grin tore across her face as she brought the wood down on his outstretched forearm.

Bone broke, and the white, ragged tip jutted out of his skin.

Nix shrieked. Went hot, sweat popped out all over him as his stomach rolled violently. He projectile vomited, splattering her shoes.

She laughed as he puked again.

“Again,” Darkman instructed in a cool voice, but Nix heard the hedonism in his tone. The pleasure that evil man got from his agony was unnatural.

No!” Momma wept. “Please don’t hurt my baby.”

The bat connected with his elbow. Nix shrieked.

“And it’s outta here.” The girl covered her eyes with her hand as if she blocked the glare of the sun and looked across the room like she followed the projection of a baseball.

He flopped to the floor and rolled on his side facing his momma and daddy. His sobs shook his body, which in turn aggravated the injury to his throwing arm.

I’ll never throw another baseball again. What a weird thing to think at a time like this.

“Leave him alone.” Momma reached for him, but Darkman grabbed her by the throat with talons that projected from his fingers like grotesque fingernails. “He’s just a boy. Do what you want to us, just please leave him alone.”

“Oh, no, sweetheart, we plan to fuck him worse than you.” Darkman bit her neck, drawing blood, but Momma didn’t make a sound. “Give him another, niece.”

“Pray, Nix,” his daddy said, sounding tired and resigned to their fate.

This time the bat connected with Nix’s upper arm. Bone didn’t break through the skin, but it throbbed too bad not to be broken. He upchucked again and the evil girl dragged him off the floor, pulled a chair away from the table and forced him into. Nix held his damaged limb, but slumped against the table for support. Darkness edged his vision and he prayed for unconsciousness. That salvation didn’t come either.

The evil girl got in his face and he turned his head aside. Her stinky breath had bile burning up the back his throat all over again. “Move and they’ll suffer more. Watch.” She snatched his head around by his hair. “If I catch you not watching, it’ll get worse for them. You understand me, tot?” She smacked his cheek hard enough his head jerked and hair ripped from his scalp. Nix glared at her. “I’d say you’re a biddable little brat if not for that killing look in your eyes.”

“Do as you’re told, Nix.” His dad coughed up blood. “And pray.”

“Yes, Nix, do as you’re told.” Darkman pantomimed his dad’s instruction. “Stay.” He smacked his momma’s cheek and climbed off her. He adjusted the obvious hard-on in his pants.

These are sick, sick people.

“Give me your blade, niece. I want to finish the old-fucker.”

The psycho-chick handed over her knife and Darkman proceeded to carve his daddy with the tip until his screams became so hoarse they sounded like whispers. When those faint sounds ceased, Darkman licked his daddy’s blood off the blade. “Renounce him, Luke, and I’ll permit your son to live.”

Tears blurred his vision; his daddy wouldn’t renounce God because he was a Christian and a God-fearing man. Neither did he want his daddy to repudiate Him. Nix would rather die today and join his family in Heaven, than know his daddy sacrificed his soul to save them.

His daddy turned his head and his dark eyes looked straight at Nix. Indecision flickered from his gaze.

“Don’t do it, Daddy.”

Psycho-chick punched Nix’s broken arm to shut him up.

“I renounce Him,” Daddy whispered.

Momma howled her sorrow, while silent tears rained down Nix’s cheek. Please forgive him, God. He doesn’t mean it. Please forgive him.

Darkman grinned. “Look me up when you enter Hell, daddy-o.”

The darkman buried the knife in his daddy’s throat. His father gasped and choked. Nix wept into the elbow of his other arm, while Momma wailed her grief.

The evil blonde knocked his arm down and away from his face. “Your Daddy’s an ooey gooey mess of death, pumpkin.” She broke one of Nix’s fingers on his good hand. “Turn away again and I’ll break them all.” Her fingers dug into his chin. “Look at those tears, uncle. He’s adorable. Can I keep him?”

“He’s not a Hellhound.” Darkman rolled his eyes and moved to Nix’s momma. The evil man fondled her inappropriately, pinching her breasts and groping between her legs. She only offered a grunt, her eyes glazing over as she withdrew into herself.

“I hate you.” Awful thoughts surfaced; animalistic fantasies where he could rip them apart with his bare hands.

“I know, tot.” The evil girl beamed. “Your hate tastes so goddamn good.”

Clothes tearing drew Nix’s attention to Darkman and Momma.

“Ooo…you’re going to want to watch this.” The girl skipped behind him and clamped one hand on his chin and the other in his hair, holding his head steady. “Close your eyes, punk, and I’ll cut your eyelids off.”

Golden eyes that glowed surrounded Darkman’s unearthly flamey pupils. The monster smiled at Nix and jerked his hips against his momma. The demon raped her. Nix had never hated anyone until tonight. He wept for his daddy’s death and his momma’s violation. In his heart, he knew none of them would survive this nightmare. And if they allowed him to live, he’d never be the same again.

He hoped they killed him. Please, God, let them kill me.

His momma turned her face aside as the evil man took her. She didn’t cry or plead for her life, just accepted her fate in silence, a grunt and whimper was all that marked her humiliation and the last moments of her life.

The monster rutted against his momma a long time. When he finally threw back his head and moaned his release, the darkman slowly carved his momma’s heart out of her breast as she screamed from the vile surgery. Gloating, Darkman withdrew from her corpse and rose to his feet, buckling his jeans as he sauntered toward Nix.

No words were spoken. None were needed. Nix would kill these vile people given the first chance.

Darkman flicked his claws in front of Nix’s eyes, then dragged one of them across Nix’s chest. He whimpered at the cut, but compared to his broken arm, the pain didn’t even rank on the one to ten scale. Discomfort no longer mattered when he figured he’d be dead soon.

The monstrous man spoke in a language he’d never heard. A moment later, something shadowy entered the room and slammed into Nix’s chest. As if someone stuffed something burning down his throat, he choked as the thing moved through his body. Scorching him from the inside out.

The thing settled like he’d become the things new home.

You’re more than I expected, heaven-boy. The comment came from inside Nix’s head, but they weren’t his thoughts. Who should we kill first?

Nix screamed, but the sound didn’t exit his body. The thing inside him laughed softly, nothing at all similar to the cackles in horror movies.

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BellaBunnell said...

Holy C, Gracen! Even knowing the back story this still creeped me out! Poor little Nix!

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As hard as it was to read, it was still very well written, Gracen. I just want to hold Nix a while now. How horrible.