Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanks for the Hellish Start!!!

Pandora's Box (first book in the Road to Hell Series) released on August 19, 2011 and since then the book has received some fantastic reviews. 
Here are the rating breakdowns:
30 ~ FIVE star ratings
2 ~ FOUR star ratings
1 ~ THREE star ratings
Source: Goodreads <--- clickable link

Madison's Life Lessons (prequel to the Road to Hell Series) released on November 13, 2011 and since then the book has received several fantastic reviews.
Here are the rating breakdowns:
19 ~ FIVE star ratings
1 ~ FOUR star ratings
Source: Goodreads <--- clickable link

In honor of these fabulous ratings and reviews, I'm going to give away the following items to one winner:

What you have to do to enter to win these buttons...
Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite part is in either Pandora's Box or Madison's Life Lessons (or both). You MUST be a Hellhound in order to be eligible to win. That means you have to be one of the following:
1. Friends with me on Facebook.
2. An official Hellhound (liker) on my Road to Hell Series fan page.
3. A GFC follower here.
(Note: If you've already have any of these 3 items, please still enter and I'll work with you on the giveaway.)

Contest ends Saturday, December 10th at noon CST!


Linds said...

I think I have two favorite parts in Pandora's box. I have to say that when Mads and Nix have their first 'moment' in the hotel room, that was sort of epic for me. Because it wasn't really sex, but it was even hotter than most sex I read.

The second was the end.... Um HELLO! Like BEST cliffhanger ever!

Bakerette said...

I guess my favorite part so far is the mystery behind Micah, since I've only read Madison's Life Lessons so far. You know that he's something powerful but he's still a full blown mystery.

Deann F

slappylilly said...

I love how you never know until the later whats really behind everything.

Tawnya Peltonen said...

I have SO MANY favorite parts! I can't choose just one. So...a few of them are: When Nix and Madison first meet, and Madison administers first aid, when we learn of Nix's true family background and OF COURSE the hotel scene! That was SOOOO HOT!

kgrimes said...

Well, lets see...It is sooo hard to pick a favorite because they are all so good!!!

Madison's Life Lessons...To me it is the turning point in which Madison calls him because she is distraught over what she has just seen and he does everything he can to get to her to be there for her...

Pandora's Box...well, I definitely LOVE the hotel scene, and I would have to say Madison's birthday at the bar... :)


Teresa K. said...

Well since I've only read Madison's life lesson. I have to say my favorite part is when Madison starts getting her independence and starts standing up to her father. I also love how Micah is so tender with Madison. He really does love her as much as he is capable of. When he left her I wanted to beat the crap out of him.

Teresa K.

terri_dion said...

my favorite thing about PB is when they first meet Nix can be such a smart ass but Mads gives it right back to him it's so funny. in Life Lessons i like when she starts gaining her independence from her father and starts to become a strong woman.

i don't have to tell you that i am a faithful hellhound.

Andie said...

Favorite scenes from MLL:

-Same as Kathryn's. The scene after Madison calls Micah...
-And the proposal...hell I loved him there!!

Favorite scenes from PB:

- When the mimicker attacked and Amos sent it to hell!! The boy ROCKS!!
- That part when Micah gives the PB to Madison (the whole part)
- In Hell when Micah "kills" Madison in front of Nix.
- ALL SCENE where Micah's involved!!

Gracen Miller said...

Shalisha Cooper cannot post here, so she messaged me on FB and here is what she said:

"My favorite part in Pandora's box is when Zen was introduced in it but I also liked the part were nix and his family stayed to help Madison."

Gracen Miller said...

Linds, I'm excited to hear you liked the cliffhanger! I've had some very UNhappy people over the way I left it. I figure those same folks are going to be cursing me at the end of Hell's Phoenix, too, when it's released. lol

Deann F, you will discover Micah's true nature in Pandora's Box.

Tawnya, I love that kitchen scene as well when Mads is giving first aid. The immediately sexual tension curls my hair. ;-)

Kathryn, I already FB'd you and told you you made me smile when you said the bar scene was one of your favs because it is definitely one of my top scenes!

TeresaK, I promise there is a reason for why he left her, but you won't discover what it is until book 2, Hell's NO ONE knows the why yet! lol

Terri, Mads giving it back is half the fun!

Andie...lmao over the Micah-centric favorite scenes.

Joella said...

My favorite part of MLL is the point when she calls Micah and he comes to her rescue...I was thinking how can someone so "evil" be so sweet and caring and sexy?!? :) Also just loved the seeing the transformation of Mads from timid & meek to the strong & outspoken person you meet in Pandora's Box! hard to come up with a favorite from Pandora's Box because I LOVE THE WHOLE BOOK!! Definately the first aid scene in the kitchen - you could just feel the sexual tension between her & Nix!! Loved the introduction of Zen & the birthday scene and OF COURSE the scene in the hotel...OMG how hot!! I know this is probably strange but I LOVED the cliffhanger at the end of the book....such an awesome way to end the first book and keep the reader begging for the next book!!! And this is me.....begging for the next book!!! :)

Mindy fangedmom said...

I have loved Micah since MLL's. I was team Micah all the way from the very beginning. I loved how he cared for Madison and watched over her. I love how he kept her safe from her crazy father.

In PB, I love how Madison sucked it up and moved on. She is one bad ass chic! LOVE HER TO PIECES! Love the tension between her and is almost as good as the actual sex!

I also love how committed to Amos Madison is. She will literally die to protect her son!

Nix, oh Nix, I love his SASSYNESS and I love his demon fighting skills.

What can I say..I am so team MicMadNix!!!! (I want that on a button please)! hahaha

Thanks rock hard as always..I loved the ending of PB also! Cant wait for Hells Phoenix!!!

Mindy aka Sassy Death Adder Hellhound


BellaBunnell said...

Sooo much to love! In MLL's; meeting Micah in church...every scene with Micah especially the graveyard, following her from the Nirty, the courting, the proposal, Micha's heartbreak over having to leave her...and so on and so on...Madison kicking her dad's ass. I loved her vulnerability and innocence in the beginning and her discovery of her own strength.
In PB, sooo much again! Meeting Nix and the fam for the first time, the first aid scene, Amos kicking demon butt, the cave scene-ZEN(!), the discovery of the Ark, the hotel scene and of course, the killer cliffhanger!
Hellhound for LIFE!

Kristina's Books & More said...

You're asking me to pick a favorite part?? That's like asking if I love Micah or Nix. But I'm Nixah, remember. ;)

ALL of MLL and PB is my favorite!! Seriously!!

Kickass hellhound!

Gracen Miller said...

I wrote everyone's name on a sheet of paper and pulled a winner. And the winner is...


Congratulations, Terri!

I'll contact you tomorrow by email to get your mailing address!

Thanks to all of you for coming out and participating in the contest!